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I have to be honest, I was a bit hesitant because it was my first time ordering on this website. I even had to check with a live assistant to make sure if my order was scheduled to be delivered on our anniversary. But they did deliver it and I was so happy! My husband loved it. Thank you for your great service! You indeed surpassed my expectations and made my hubby feel special on our anniversary!

- Jane Cirfel Andrews
- Philippines

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Joseph Andrews
- Singapore
There was plenty of choice, and the check out process was straightforward. I especially liked the fact that even when I had to close the window to get relevant info for my order (there was no option to minimise the window) any details I had previously entered were still there when I went back in.. Hoping my brother loves the hamper I've chosen..

- Kimberley Carter- UK

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Trevor Hebditch
I am Really Satisfied a guy called Stephen on the site's Live Chat was very helpful Supported me to place the order.He is an asset to you company! All is really well your service, your live assistance etc.

- Debbie Klas - Australia

Sent to : Lori- USA
I have been ordering gifts for my daughter in Abu Dhabi for the past 10 years and each time I left with happiness in my heart, because of the great service that you provide. you are exceptional and I appreciate you being there when I am unable to because of the distance between me and my daughter. Many Thanks

- Nydia Oliver- USA

Sent to :Jewell N. Oliver - UAE
"I realy felt good about this sight i was searching from many sights and were realy difficult in payment asking many quationshere it was very easy . and iam happy now that i can send gift to my son on his birthday since iam very far from him its great thing that i can gift to him. thanks giftsNideas"

- Dsilva - Kuwait

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Schleiden Caitan Dsilva
- UK
I have only 2 days left to send something to my boyfriend meanwhile we are far away this time, was nervous...then I found your page among too many pages out there on internet, so which one I should choose...this is not easy to choose one page that can help us urgently...spent time to get through all options

- Dang My Ha- Vietnam

Sent to : David Fitch - USA
Ordering was very user friendly - unlike 2 other on-line companies I first attempted to utilized. BTW...using your company third was only because of the order it was reflected in my Google search. If delivery is as successful as my ordering process - I will gladly use GifsnIdeas again and not hesitate to recommend it to others!.

- Raymond C Mittan - USA

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Elizabeth Mittan
- Spain
"I like this site, this is the first time i used it. It's simple and easy, initially tho ught of sending the gift from US but found this site. Once my first delivery is good and secure, i will definitely use it for sending future gifts to all in India"

- R.Satish - USA

Sent to : G.Ramulu- India
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