Customer Reviews - What Our Customers Say

We stand behind our products and personal customer care. As part of our service we are proud to offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have. A big thank you to our customers for the great feedback, this is a selection of what they had to say. Please keep sending your feedback and we will keep posting it here.

“ Thanks giftsnideas... tulips were delivered fresh just in time... You have been a great help. We are in great terms now! Will return to you for more! ” — Andre

“ I had given the wrong address and so never expected for the parcel to be redirected successfully, as it eventually was. Thank you once again. ” — Miss Esther Ditzel

“ Thank you for the instructions you provided in the email. Greatly appreciate your prompt response! . ” — Debbie

“ I found John who works at the customer service extremely helpful and very friendly, gladly appreciate such effective staff on board. ” — Keith Oliver

“ Your service, it was excellent and my aunt in Berlin said to me that the snacks were very good. ” — Alicia Guerrero

“ This is good customer service. I will continue to use your services. Thanks . ” —Jose, United States.

“ Thank you team for fast,excellence, and reliable service, I wanna to make as pleasant surprised to her and you help me to do, she liked and am so happy by delivery in time as i requested... thanks a lot and Happy Valentine all team. ” —Mahmoud,  Dubai UAE.

“ Thank you so much, the recipient was very pleased with the gift and I am very happy with the service. Cheers! ”   —Naz Khan, Canada.

“ Thank you very much for your email and for taking control of the situation.  Your offer of a refund is most acceptable and I am glad you will look into the procedures so this can not happen again. My confidence in your Company has been re-established.
Thank you once again.”   Rock, New Zealand.

“ i have used your company a few times now and your service is nothing less than excellent......thank you.............”   —larry, Mexico.

“Thanks Betty, I appreciate u and Jason and will order again and again.....When I get back to Tacloban I will invite all of u to a fiesta and I will be the cook.”  —Bob, United States.

“ Thanks Jason,  They finally worked out delivery with your people in the Philippines!  They not only got the cookies, but some roses as well. I have never done business with your company before, and you exceeded my wildest expectations.  You can be assured that I will not only use you in the future when delivering gifts abroad, but will recommend you to anyone who wishes to do so.
Thank you for ALL your efforts on my behalf.”   — John Gregg, United States.

“Thanks so much, My girlfriend loved the teddy bear a lot.”  —oviii, Saudi Arabia.
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