Your Love Safely Delivered

“I’ll be there for you. These five words I swear to you. When you breathe I want to be the air for you, I’ll be there for you.” - Bon Jovi

It’s February and there is a songbird in every romantic person, singing songs, promising the world to their loved ones, guaranteeing that they strike a chord or a note somewhere.

Hearts melt. Lovers meet and the poets dream.

February’s all about the romance, the cuddles, the teddy bears , the delicious chocolates, the gourmet food, the beautiful flowers and the romanitc gifts. Anything that says “Darling when I hold you, we both know our hearts can melt.” We ask you to imagine what premium champagne from the cellars of the world's largest Champagne houses could do to your love story. International brands of chocolates from Godiva, Neuhaus, Nestle, Hershey’s & Ferrero Rocher - makes her want to put one in your mouth instantly.

There is an unique experience of chocolates that comes only from one of the finest handcrafted Belgian handmade chocolate – Makes her feel like giving you a chance to shower your love and create eternal bonds. She just feels like giving it a try.

A sip of the wines from world’s top cellars. Full-bodied red wines that boast their considerable meal pairing versatility is something which everybody wants. Premium wine brands like Jacob’s Creek, Mouton Cadet, Lindeman’s, Cono Sur that will make her Valentine's Day very heartfelt handpicked gourmet gift baskets gives a personal touch altogether. We know that you care and so do we.

So here’s our guaranteed delivery . We believe in professional service. Ensuring them that the order will safely reach its destination. Guaranteeing the delivery with a confident promise of our Refund or Replacement policy. Romance when late is less romantic after all. We take care of that special moment for you.

As we have been delivering safely across 184 countries i.e. over 15,000 cities; and serving over 13 million happy customers since 2005; there’s love in the air. Because for every Romantic milestone carved, there’s a guaranteed gift to perfect the odds as expressions are priceless & we know it!

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