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Dos and don’ts of holiday gifting at your workplace

Holiday Gifts

Holidays are a time for merrymaking and spreading cheer. However, the whole aspect of gifting can make this cheerful season a stressful one too. This does not just apply to people getting gifts for their near and dear ones, but also employers who would like to indulge in holiday gifting for their employees.

Holiday gifting in the professional space can be tricky irrespective of whether you are the employer getting gifts for the entire firm or just an employee getting gifts for the team or other colleagues. There are a number of dos and don'ts that you need to keep in mind when buying gifts for your workplace colleagues.


  • Before you start shopping for gifts, find out if your firm has any policy regarding gifting. A lot of companies have specific gift policies which are expected to be followed diligently. Finding out about these policies is a must.
  • Consider gift options so that the person receiving it can share it with family or friends. This makes the gift more valuable. For example, edible gift hampers are great for workplace gifting.
  • If you are an employer, make sure that you are fair when choosing the gifts. Ensure that everyone gets the same thing to avoid coming across as favouring a few employees over the others.
  • Make sure you get something thoughtful. This is especially important if you are the employer. Get gifts that show that you value the work they put in for the company.
  • It can be a good idea to enclose the receipt for the gift just in case the person wants to exchange it for something else.
  • Plan in advance to ensure that everything gets done well before the holidays begin, in a hassle free manner.


  • If you choose to add only certain colleagues on your gifting list, do not exchange the gifts in office to avoid upsetting or offending anyone that is not on your gifting list.
  • Do not go overboard with the spending when it comes to holiday gifting. Staying within the budget and not getting extravagant gifts would set the right bar for the gifts for the following years. Extravagant gifts may sometimes even make the person receiving it feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not assume that being in the same firm means sharing the same tastes. So ensure that you take into account the likes and dislikes of the ones for whom you are getting a present.
  • Do not opt for any gifts that may be offensive in any way. Some of such items include perfumes, deodorants, and clothes among the others.
  • Try not to give a gift to your boss just from you. Instead, get other team members to pitch in and be a team player. If at all you want to give something separately, make sure that it is done outside the workplace. If you are not sure what to get as gift, go with a savoury and sweet gift basket or a gourmet box of chocolates or a large bouquet of fresh flowers.

So follow these dos and don’ts for a fun holiday gifting time. Make sure to send a thank you note to those who get you gifts at your workplace. Also, try to add a personal note if possible when gifting anyone - both at the workplace and at home.

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