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Why Brazil Celebrates Valentine’s Day On 12th June?

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We all know about the famous Valentine’s Day. You either celebrate it if you are a better half or hope to get through it if you are single. No matter what your relationship status is, the event affects you. But, there are some more interesting facts which will blow your mind. We all know that the Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February. But, this is not true for the South American country - Brazil.

Brazil has a different calendar. Valentine’s Day is observed in Brazil on the 12th day of June. This is due to its proximity to Saint Anthony’s Day which is on June 13th. It was said that Saint Anthony had blessed a lot of couples and their marriages stood the test of time. Interestingly this day has a Portuguese flavour to it’ name and is famously called “Dia dos Mamorados” which roughly translates to “Lover’s Day”.

There is one important reason why Valentine’s Day is not celebrated in February in Brazil – Carnival Week. Carnival week is one of the biggest event-filled weeks in Brazil.

Now, talking about Dia dos Mamorados, it is celebrated as grand as Valentine’s is celebrated in rest of the world. Couples celebrate Valentines with gifts like cakes, roses, chocolates, etc. If you are in Brazil or want to send some gifts to Brazil, here are some ideas that might help you:

Give him/her roses one for every month to show that your love is not seasonal. Your love will stay for the complete year, which the 12 Long Stem Red Roses would signify.

Bear Hug Bouquet is the cutest thing you can order this season for her. Most of the girls like a cute gift like a soft teddy bear. She would always remember you whenever she sees the gift!

A kilo of chocolate cake is the happiness makes sense when it comes to displaying love for your special one.

Amazing Natura products will show how much you care for her. The amazing products will take care of her skin and hair. She will thank you for this one!

They say, the route to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. Take advantage of this by filling his cravings with cookies basket which is one of the best gifts this Valentines for your man.

Be My Valentine is a combination of roses, chocolates and teddy is a deadly combination to ask a guy/girl to be your valentine. All the single people in the house, check this one!

Your guy/girl must love chocolates. A combination of amazing gourmet gala including Belgium chocolates, Swiss chocolates, etc. is one the best gifts you can give to your love!

Since your man might get you roses, think of some different flowers to gift him. To surprise him, you can either go for Asiatic lilies or the standard ones. But these are a great gift to show your love for someone else.

If you are not sure about any gift, go for Ferrero Rocher. It is surely one of those risk-free gifts you can give.

If you want to order some gift to Brazil, you can do that by placing an order with Giftsnideas. There is one day delivery option as well which you can use. However different the dates, norms and ways in which Brazil celebrates the day, the idea behind celebrating the event is the same - Celebrate love! So, make sure you order the perfect gift on Valentine's Day in Brazil and fill his/her day with love!

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