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What’s Christmas without legends and tales. The history of Christmas festival dates back over 4000 years. Ancient Midwinter festivities celebrated the return of the Sun from cold and darkness. Midwinter was a turning point between the Old Year and the New Year. Fire was the symbol of hope and boughs of greenery symbolized the eternal cycle of creation. The word for "Christ" in Greek is "Xristos." during the Sixteenth Century; Europeans began using the first initial of Christ's name...the "X" of "Xristos"...in place of the word "Christ" as a shorthand version of the word "Christmas." Although early Christmas understood that the "X" was simply another form for the name of Jesus Christ, later Christians, who had no knowledge of the Greek language, mistook "Xmas" as a sign of disrespect. Eventually, however, "Xmas" came to be both an accepted and suitable alternative to the word "Christmas"

Many of today's Christmas traditions were celebrated centuries before the Christ Child was born. The Twelve Days of Christmas, blazing fires, the Yule log, the giving of gifts, carnivals or parades complete with floats, carolers who sing while going from house to house, holiday feasts and church processions are all rooted in the customs observed but what remains is the fresh take that Christmas offers on gifts we give, share and spread with all those around.

Our gift are fresh, new and comes from the best of the World’s locations. Your Christmas has to be special. You gift things that are latest, fresh and newly arrived.

We have all that u need to make this Christmas special – Christmas wreaths and centerpieces to deck the halls, Santa’s secret spirits, all gift-items red and white! If you want to surprise your loved one who can be their ‘Secret Santa’.

These legends and tales teach us something. That gradually, down the line, festival stands for contemporary relevance. To upgrade, stay in touch and make it more relevant to modern .Yet you do not forget the tales and myths behind the Santa Claus. What’s old and yet fresh is perfect. Our gifts and products have come down for generations, created by craftsman, perfected over hard work and skills that come down from father to son. So when you order them, they are fresh and very relevant to the love and bonding you want to share with your loved ones. So go ahead and take your favorite pick from our Christmas New Arrivals of 2012!

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