Valentine's Day Gifting In UK

UK valentine's day Gifting Culture

St Valentine's Day is a wonderful, romantic event. For sending a gift, you ought to know the right kind of gift for your valentine. The besty way to attain success in sending a perfect gift is through personalised or unique Valentine's Day gifts, because you can say exactly what you mean in a beautiful, memorable way.

Popular Valentine's Day Gifts

Pearl Earrings, pendants, exotic dried fruits, chocolate and yoghurt-coated nuts, gourmet honeys and more and individual pearls are in demand as gifts for Valentines Day.

Valentine's gifts for Men

Valentine's gift is seen as a special gift for both giver and receiver. A symbolic gift, like buying one acre of moon land instead, as a unique valentine gift.
  • Gadgets and Toys
  • Health and Fitness related gifts
  • Barware like Bar Set and Whisky tumblers
  • Novelty gift items like an alcohol Breath Sensor or a digital weather station!
  • Business gifts like a Rosewood Pen Set or a business card holder
  • Picture perfect mounted onto a nice frame.
  • Plane tickets to Paris (ok...not actually Paris but to somewhere special)shows how much it means to him

Romantic Valentine's gifts for Women

Women expect gifts from their man more than men in general. Some of the popular gifts for women are: Personalised Engraved Silver Gift set, teddy bears, balloon gifts, chocolates, Car accessories and champagne.
  • A handmade Valentines Day card shows how much you mean to her.
  • Fresh flowers shows how romantic you are.
  • Personalized chocolates are all the rage on Valentines Day.
  • A romantic candlelight dinner makes you fall in love with her again.
  • Jewellery Gift- a heart locket with your photos or a piece of jewellery with a message on it, or an engagement ring.
  • Love songs - put together a compilation of both your favorite love songs.
  • Say it with words - Write her a poem about how much she means to you. If you can't write poetry give her a book of poetry instead.
  • Lingerie - Well, it suits for both Men and Women.

Facts About Valentine's day

Valentine's Day is celebrated through out the world on Feb, 14th, every year. On this day lovers exchange love messages. Lovers on Valentine's Day are seen gifting each other in the form of flowers, cards and gifts.

It is believed that the custom of sending cards began with the words "from your valentine", by "Valentine", a priest who lived around 269 A.D, to the daughter of a jailor. Thus, Valentine day came into existence.

  • The 1600's saw the first St Valentine's Day celebrations in the UK.
  • Saint Valentine's Day was initially celebrated by sending poems and simple gifts .
  • By 1750, lovers began to send intimate love letters & Valentines gifts to one another on St Valentines Day.
  • An estimated one billion Valentine gift Cards are sent each year, making Valentine's Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year.
  • Women send 85 percent of all Valentine gift Cards.

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