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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Relationship Stage

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Valentine’s Day is the best day for showering gifts on y0ur beloved — gifts that resonate with feelings of love, admiration and care. When choosing the perfect gift for this special day, there are so many things that one needs to keep in mind. From the preferences of the partner to the budget and the level of your relationship, these significant details give you an idea of what to buy and what not do.

Here are some quick tips to help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

For someone you have just started dating:

This is a stage when you may think that you don’t know the other person too well. In reality, however, at this stage, people are more interested in knowing about one another, the choices, preferences, likes, dislikes and interests. Take advantage if you are in this stage to impress your Valentine with something that he/she truly likes. A book, wallet, a dinner or a movie date could be a good idea. If it is your first Valentine’s Day, seal the moment with something really special. Choose a gift basket according to your partner’s choice. It may be a chocolate basket, a spa basket, a travel kit or a combination of chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and wine.

For someone who you have dated for a while:

Now that you have been with your love interest for quite some time, you may be aware about what he/she may prefer. Don’t buy something that you like, buy something that your partner will like. At this stage, you can consider personalised gift items, quirky gifts or something that you both enjoy together. Perhaps, a board game can be an ideal gift where the two of you bond over an interesting game. Scented candles, photo frames, photo mugs, lamps and keychains can also be gifted. Think of unique gift ideas to make the day more special.

For someone you are married to:

Whoever thinks that Valentine’s Day is meant only for couples who are dating is wrong. Married couples too, celebrate the day to cherish their bond and togetherness. However, this is the stage when there’s no need to impress one another. Gifts are meant to add an element of surprise. Planning a special getaway, a dozen red roses, preparing a special meal, an exclusive piece of jewellery — anything bought with special thought could make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

A gift basket apt for a movie night or a spa time, a baking kit or a coffee basket, a DIY kit or a hot chocolate gift basket, a kitchen themed basket or a basket with garden tools make for an ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea.

One thing to remember before buying a Valentine’s gift is that though roses, chocolates, stuffed toys and flowers are the most popular choices, if you want to be different, you must think different. Buy something exclusive, something that your Valentine would least expect, something that will be an absolute surprise. Remember, thoughts matter the most and not the cost.

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