Valentine's Day Gifting Culture


It is common knowledge that Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th. Valentine's Day has a fascinating history. St. Valentine is supposed to have been a good-hearted priest who solemnized the marriages of young people, thus incurring the wrath of Emperor Claudius II of Rome.

In English literature, there is a reference to Valentine's Day in the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer, way back in the fourteenth century. Chaucer is supposed to have made the first association between Valentine's Day and romantic love.Presenting loved ones with gifts is a big part of Valentine's Day. Times have changed and the inventory of Valentine's gifts has become much richer than mere flowers and chocolates. A caring, young man like Phil may gift his girlfriend with some extraordinary things, like a necklace with a diamond pendant, a sweatshirt personalized by having her name Marcie written on it or a bunch of oriental pink lilies and Marcie's favorite music CDs.

And Marcie in turn, may gift him with a snazzy blue T-shirt with Darling Phil written on it, a bunch of silk ties or a grooming set, a digital camera (because like most men, Phil is a gadget freak), and a deadly combo of champagne and chocolates. Besides personalized gifts, the type of which Marcie and Phil may gift each other, people also give unique and novelty Valentine's Day gifts. Marcie's uncle, the wise man that he is and a war veteran, could gift the couple with something extremely unique - a vacation in the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. This gift would reflect how well he knew his niece and her boyfriend. Both of them are nature-lovers who campaign for better treatment of the environment and are sensitive to the extinction of a number of species.

Sometimes, Valentine's Day gifts can be very creative. Let me give an example. Imagine that your boyfriend is a very enthusiastic student of physics. A legend associated with the earliest days of modern physics goes like this - Galileo, in an attempt to disprove the idea that the speed with which an object reaches the ground depends on its weight, dropped two objects of different weights from the top of the leaning tower of Pisa to test which one touches the ground first.

If your boyfriend is such an incorrigible lover of physics, give him a chocolate gift shaped like the leaning tower of Pisa, with a very inquisitive face (supposed to be Galileo's!) looking down from the top of the tower. Valentine's Day food is also very special. I quote my friend Joe's words: "There is one very special reason why I wouldn't miss home on Valentine's Day. It is because of my mom's cooking. I especially like her Valentine's Day recipes. She has always been referring to her Valentine's Day specials as "my gift to the whole lot of you". This time she's going to make cappuccino caramel.

With coffee crystals, orange peel, milk, vanilla, and walnut, the cappuccino caramel sounds yummy and I can't wait to taste it!"

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