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The Ultimate Guide To Host a Thanksgiving Party

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When you see places like offices and even streets decorated during the fall season, you know it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones. If you are planning on throwing a Thanksgiving party this year, then right after Halloween is the best time to start preparing. From decoration to meal planning, everything has to be taken care of. Seems like a mammoth task? Don’t fret! Here is the ultimate guide to hosting a thanksgiving party that your friends and family will remember for a long time

Plan Your Menu

The food items are the main aspects of your party and so make sure you plan the menu well in advance, giving it ample thought. If you are going to cook everything by yourself, then you may want to consider your kitchen space when deciding the menu. Be conscious of how much your kitchen will allow you. Remember that your oven will be used for the turkey most of the time on Thanksgiving, so plan your meals and items on the menu accordingly.

Shop in Advance

Prep for the dinner well in advance to avoid getting overwhelmed with a lot of things to do in the last minute. Plan two trips to the grocery store, the first one for items with longer shelf life and the second one close to the Thanksgiving Day, for the fast perishable items. Ensure that you have all the cooking paraphernalia required for preparing the items from your menu, right from carving knives to the meat thermometer. You may want to get your turkey sorted a week before Thanksgiving itself, before the stores run out of them.

Meal Prep

Prepping for your meals beforehand can be a big advantage. Most desserts can be prepped and made a day or two in advance and stored. Not just desserts, but appetizers too can be prepared in advance depending on what you have included in your menu. You need to prepare the turkey too, as thawing and brining or marinating should be done two to three days in advance.


Set the right ambience for your Thanksgiving party with the right decorations for your home and the table. Planning in advance is a good idea if you are planning to opt for an elaborative set up. While there are lot of last minute DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas available online, planning and preparing in advance has its own advantages. Remember to arrange fresh fall flowers like dahlias, mums, and asters in gorgeous colours like pink, red, orange and golden, for a warm and inviting look. Pine cones, satin ribbons, votive candles, and ferns are other decorative elements you can use.

Table Setting

Set your table in advance to reduce the number of things that you will have to do on Thanksgiving Day. If you do not have little kids who may ruin the settings, you can go ahead and get this done the previous night itself. Remember to set up beautiful candles and short vases of fall flowers on the table for a hearty look.


Make sure that it is not just one member of the household that is doing everything in case you have parents, siblings and aunts and uncles to take care of other chores. Delegate the duties wisely so that coordinating is a breeze and the result is amazing.

These are the best tips to guide you to hosting a fantastic Thanksgiving party for your friends and family. Follow this guide to stay calm on the main day and be the best host you can be, to your guests.

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