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Top Eid Gift Ideas for Your Loves Ones in Pakistan
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Eid is a festival celebrated all over Pakistan. On this auspicious occasion, friends and family meet and greet each other, adorn new clothes, make delicious foods and now, in the age of digital media, take lots of pictures to post on Facebook and Instagram.
Among these celebrations, there’s only one thing missing - gifts. Gifts are a token of love and appreciation and Eid is just the occasion to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. Wherever you are in the world, you can now send gifts to Pakistan with just a click of a button. Yes, it’s that simple! Reardless of the convenience, you mighe be stumped on what to gift your mom, dad, friend, or girlfriend?
Here are our top five Eid gift ideas that will bring some more joy to your friends and family!

Flower Gift Basket

Flowers are one gift you can never go wrong with. Whether it’s a friend or family member, everyone will appreciate a fresh floral bouquet delivered to their doorstep. The best thing about this gift idea is that you have several options to choose from.
Choose a red rose flower basket with an adorable teddy bear or a box of flowers and chocolates to add some sweetness to their festivities. Even if you’re late, you can schedule same-day delivery to your loved ones in Pakistan - just in time for this special occasion.

Traditional Sweet Treats:

Sweets are a staple on Eid. On this day, people usually make a traditional dessert called ‘Sheer Khorma’ to serve to their guests. Keeping in line with the trend, why not send your family some traditional sweet treats called ‘mithai’? You can pick and choose their favorite sweet treats that would make the gift more personalized for your recipient.
Mithai is often consumed in Pakistan on celebratory occasions, so what could be more apt than the festival of Eid? You can choose from delicious delicacies like barfi, gulab jaman, and the all favorite laddu, to emulate the Eid celebrations in spirit, even if you aren’t physically present there. Alternatively, you can find whole boxes with an assortment of traditional sweets, so there is something in it for everyone. Happy Eid indeed!

Spa Gift Basket:

Why not step away from the ordinary and send your loved ones something that they will actually enjoy? This is why we recommend a luxury spa basket for your friends and family to help them relax and pamper themselves just in time for Eid, or even following the hectic, 3-day celebration.
This gift basket will help them recreate a spa experience right in the comfortable confines of their home. While your mom back home may not realize it, but everyone needs a getaway, sometimes in the form of an all-in-one indulgent spa session! This is your chance to help her do just that.

Fresh Fruits

Sending someone fruits is equivalent to sending over a bounty of health and wealth. Fruits are widely consumed in Pakistan, often as an alternative to desserts. This is why a fresh basket of juicy fruits is ideal to send over to friends and family in Pakistan.
You can find baskets with an assortment of fruits that will be delivered to your recipient’s doorstep, as fresh as ever. Fruits are also an emblem of celebration, so what could be better than the occasion of Eid? Anyone will appreciate a fresh fruit basket that they can consume on its own or add to the desserts they are serving for Eid.


It is common to give clothes and jewelry on the occasion of Eid. People wear new clothes on Eid, accessorizing their outfits with colorful bangles and earrings. To live that idea, an assortment of colorful bangles will make the perfect gift for this occasion. Women in South Asian countries wear traditional clothes like shalwar kameez and angrakhas, so make sure when selecting the outfit, it is in keeping with the tradition of Eid.

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