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Tips To Put Together A Wonderful Spa Gift Basket

Tips To Put Together A Wonderful Spa Gift Basket

It’s difficult to send gifts for your friends and family. What you consider beautiful may be something they don’t appreciate. Or, they may already own something similar. The best gifts today are experiential gifts. Spa gift baskets fall into this category. These baskets are delightful gifts for all occasions. Spa gifts are easy to find online and offline.   However, the most thoughtful gifts are the ones you put together yourself. In addition to giving the recipient something to indulge in, a spa gift you put together tells them that you care about them. Here are a few tips to put together the perfect spa gift basket.

Customize your spa gift basket

Spa gift baskets can be categorized as generic and customized baskets. A generic basket is one that you can give anyone while a customized basket has elements picked especially for the intended recipient. The latter is always preferable. To put together a customized spa gift basket, start by picking a theme. Does the person you’re gifting this to like a certain flower? You could use this flower to form the theme of your basket. For example, you could do a lily theme, a rose theme or a satsuma theme. Some other themes that could inspire you are lavender theme, lime and lemon, green tea or rose theme. Try to follow this theme for everything in your basket.

What to put in

A spa gift basket can be as big or small as you like. The basics would include a body wash, lotion, cream and scrubs. But it doesn’t have to end here. You could also include bath salts, bubble baths, bath oils, massage oils, face masks, powder and lip balm. To complete the spa experience you could also include a few candles, potpourri, scented room sprays and even some music. If this isn’t enough, how about adding a loofah, wash clothes and an exfoliating scarf.

If you’re sending the gift basket by mail, weight will be something you need to consider. In such cases, pick small bottles of lotion and creams.

Making the Presentation Matter

Regardless of what you put in it, the presentation of your spa basket is critical. Your gift basket should look as delightful as it will feel. Wrap each element individually or pack them in little jute baskets or boxes. You could also add labels to these gifts. Next you need to figure how you want to pack it together. A spa gift basket doesn’t necessarily have to be packed in a basket. You could put it together in a planter or any other large container as well. If you’re sending this by post, consider the gift delivery too. Instead of packing everything directly in a box, pick a basket that fits snugly in a box. Don’t forget to put a fragile label on the box.

Making vs. buying

Not everyone has the time to shop for the individual elements to put in a gift basket and put together. Your toiletries, towels and accessories are not likely to be available in the same shop and so, it can take quite a bit of time. On the other hand, buying a spa gift basket is convenient. Not just that, it might be more cost effective too. Given the variety available online, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a basket that you like. So, before you start making a spa gift basket, take a look online and see if something catches your eye. 

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