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  • Easy Tips To Make A Dry Fruit Gift Basket At Home

Easy Tips To Make A Dry Fruit Gift Basket At Home

Easy Tips To Make A Dry Fruit Gift Basket At Home

The festive season means it is time for giving gifts. This festive season, instead of spending money on gifting services, why not do it yourself? Most people charge an arm and a leg to just pack gifts and make them look presentable. But, it is quite easy to get tips online that can help you make the perfect dry fruit gift basket, right at home. You might have to hunt around a little for all the raw materials, but once you have everything that you need at home, it is just a matter of time until your gift basket is packed and ready to surprise your near and dear ones.

Find a basket

Gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes. It is difficult to find the right gift basket, just because there are a plethora of options in the market. If you go hunting for a gift basket, you will come upon dozens and dozens of colorful, cane baskets. Now the key is to have an idea in your head about how you want your gift basket to look. If you have a clear picture in mind, you will be able to look for the right gift basket.

Get your dry fruits

Once you have a gift basket in hand, it is time to start shopping for dry fruits. It is important to know that dry fruits come in a range of prices, depending on their size and quality. Hence, you must check the quality and have a sample before purchasing it from any shop. You should also have a budget in mind because otherwise, you will end up being extremely confused about what to buy.

Decide on an arrangement

The next step is to envision a proper arrangement for the basket. Are you going to place the dry fruit packets or are you going to place them on top of each other? The placement of dry fruits will help you determine how to decorate the entire basket. It will also help you see how much space remains in the basket after you have placed the dry fruits. If there is space, you might have to improvise and add a few more gifts to the basket.

Extra gifts

If you send dry fruit gifts, it is only fitting that you add occasion appropriate gifts to the basket. This way, the basket will look much nicer and you will make a better impression on the person you are sending the gift to. For example, if you are sending this gift basket during Diwali, you can add some beautiful diyas or well-packed rangoli colours. If you are gifting it during Christmas, you can add Christmas ornaments to the basket.

The decoration

Once everything is in place in the basket, make sure to secure it with double-sided tape. This way if the basket moves, all the different elements of the basket will remain in place. The next step is to get the right wrapping paper. It can be golden, silver or metallic net or even cellophane. The type of wrapping paper you use depends on the final look of the gift basket. After the wrapping paper comes the final step, tying it all together. You can look for matching ribbons or pre-made plastic flowers that come with a string.

Instead of wasting money asking other people to create dry fruit gift baskets, this year, give it a go yourself! The fun lies in selecting all the different materials that will go into creating the perfect gift basket. Happy gifting!!

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