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Tips To Choose The Best Birthday Cake For A Friend

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A friend in need is a friend indeed and an honest friend would definitely order an amazing surprise in the form of a tasty cake.

Is your best friend’s birthday around the corner? Are you thinking of surprising them but do not have the time to put up a big amazing party or have the expertise to bake a good cake? Fret not, as you can then choose online cake delivery to give your best friend a surprise while staying at home and planning to have an awesome virtual celebration with them.

Did you know that Germans were the first ones to introduce birthday cakes for kids in the mid 15th century?

Well, now you need not go all the way to Germany to celebrate your birthday with a cake as cakes have become an integral part of birthday celebrations all over the world. People today have the option to choose from a wide variety of cakes – from cheesecakes, traditional sponge cake to cakes with delicious frosting and now the recent photo cakes and so many other varieties.

Here are some options that you can choose from:

Chocolate flavored cakes

Most people with a sweet tooth love chocolate flavoured cakes and we are sure you would not go wrong by ordering this for your friend’s birthday. You can choose from a plain chocolate cake or a dark chocolate cake to crunchy Kit Kat cake and fudge chocolate cake, like many others. These are very popular flavours today and all the leading birthday online cake services have them listed on their product page and are the best in any way possible to deliver on the same day at the most.

Truffle cakes

The chocolate truffle cakes are a very popular option for birthday cakes. They are made from a layered combination of melted chocolate, dairy cream, and butter. This cake can then be coated with a choice of your preferred coating like toasted nuts, Choco chips, cocoa powder that is lightly dusted on top and liquid chocolate that is poured on top and so on. This choice of cake is one among the best choices and the ultimate treat for every chocolate lover.


If you want to spice things up for your friend by sending just cakes for your friend’s birthday, then you can always choose an alternative that is gift combos such as Cakes & Flowers, Cakes & Chocolates, Cakes and Assorted flowers bouquets, Cakes and Wine and so on. Cake delivery online services receive many orders mainly just for these combos as they surprise the receiver by getting multiple things at once.

Consumers choosing leading online cake delivery services can be rest assured that their cakes will be freshly baked. It does not matter whether you are in the same town or a different town as you can even place their order for birthday cakes living remotely. These online cake delivery services are present in all major cities and countries and do deliver at the exact date and time specified by the consumer. Want to write a special message for your friend on the cake? Well, you can request for that and make it as customised as you like. You can even get a photo cake if you request them and get it according to your taste.

Placing an order on these online services is quite simple. Just select the cake or the cake combo you want to give your friend and place your order for her birthday as soon as possible. Now, surprise your friend with a birthday cake and let her have a wonderful birthday with you on a virtual call. Go order one right away!

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