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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Nieces And Nephews

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Nieces And Nephews

Thanksgiving is a time to be celebrated with the entire family. For many families, this is the only time, everyone, the young and the old get together. Whether you’re having a big thanksgiving dinner in your own home or heading to someone else’s home, a few gifts can go a long way in adding to the festive cheer. Thanksgiving gifts are especially important for your young nieces and nephews. After all for kids, a festival is almost synonymous with gifts. So, here are a few gift ideas to make you the coolest aunt or uncle this Thanksgiving.


For your young nieces and nephews, there’s no better gift that a squishy stuffed teddy bear. Even a kid going off to college might love to receive a teddy bear as her thanksgiving present. Once she’s settled in her dorm room, it’ll be these small things that help her fight home sickness. Teddy bears are available in arrange of sizes, colours and prices. For older children, smaller soft toys that can be put in their car are a better idea.


You may love a pumpkin pie but if you think back to your own childhood, this was probably not your favourite dessert. A cake on the other hand is something all children love. Pick the universal favourite- a gooey rich chocolate cake or pick something different like a pineapple cake, a black forest cake or a mixed fruit cake. If you get the kiddie party their own cake for dessert, there’s no doubt you’ll be their favourite relative. The only issue you might face- the adults may want a cake of their own too!

Chocolate baskets

Have you met a kid who didn’t like chocolates? Chocolates are the universal favourite for kids of all ages. From toddlers to teenagers, all your nieces and nephews will be very happy to receive their own chocolate baskets for Thanksgiving. These baskets can contain any number of chocolates depending on your budget. From white chocolate to dark chocolate, large slabs to individually wrapped truffles, commercially branded chocolates to gourmet chocolates, the choices for each basket are endless.

Mixed Bouquets

For older kids who have their own rooms, you could look at more mature Thanksgiving gifts like a bouquet of flowers. This will brighten their room and make them think of you long after the festivities have been wrapped up. A mixed bouquet of flowers is the perfect arrangement. You could even pick bouquet combos. This could be flowers and chocolates, flowers and cake, flowers and cookies

Gourmet Baskets

Have a foodie in the family- there’s nothing like a gourmet basket for their Thanksgiving gift! Gourmet gift baskets online can be sweet or savoury- so there’s something for everyone. If your niece has a sweet tooth, get her a basket of chocolates, muffins, cookies and the like. On the other hand, if your nephew prefers spicy foods, get him a basket of chips, biscuits, popcorn and other tea time snacks. These are gifts that will remind them of you even after everyone’s gone home.

All of these gifts are easy to find online and offline in your neighbourhood market. The advantage of buying them online is that they’ll be delivered home to you and you don’t have to worry about lugging them around. When it comes to flowers and bouquets shopping online also guarantees that you will get fresh flowers and expands your choice. So, have you decided what you’re giving all your nieces and nephews?

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