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Put Together a Sympathy Gift Basket for a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One

How to Put Together a Sympathy Gift Basket for a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy, irrespective of the age. The loss of a loved one can leave friends and families in a vacuum. Whether expected or unexpected, death often brings with it a need for warmth and comfort from closed ones. However, all people grieve differently and it is no surprise that while some people want company, others like to grieve alone in peace. Regardless of how your friend grieves, as a good friend, you should reach out and let them know that you are there if they need to talk. One of the best ways to do so is by sending a beautiful gift basket. Sympathy baskets are a non-intrusive way to offer your support. If you can’t think of what to include in your gift basket, here are a few options.

Comfort basket

A comfort basket can mean different things for different people. Some people find solace in a book, a good massage or just an entire day to themselves. A comfort basket is very specifically tailor-made for the person you are sending it to. Some people are tired at the end of the grieving process and need a day or two to compose themselves before facing the real world. For such people, a coupon to a massage place, their favourite or an inspirational book, a warm blanket or a box of tea or coffee can help them feel the warmth of their friends and family.

Relaxation basket

The relaxation basket is another great idea when you want to allow the other person to relax by himself or herself before reaching out. The grieving process can be extremely stressful for some people. In certain cultures, the grieving process can last for as long as two weeks. At the end of this grieving period, people need to relax a little to come to terms with their loss, process it and be able to live with it. A relaxation basket can include a bottle of wine, foot massage cream, hand cream, a box of their favourite tea, a mug, etc.

Food basket

During the grieving process, people often forget to cook and eat. A food basket can include various snacks and instant meals. The point is not to get them to eat, but to remind them that if they are hungry during this difficult time, someone is thinking of them and their well-being. If you don’t want to take a food basket, you can always cook hot meals and drop it off at their home with a note saying that you are always available to talk.

Memorabilia basket

A memorabilia basket is a tricky one because while you want to be respectful, you also don’t want to overstep your boundaries and do something to offend your friend. Some good options for a memorabilia basket include an empty wooden photo frame for them to use, a set of wind chimes, and if they are religious, something pertaining to their belief. If you know the person who passed away intimately, you can get their favourite saying engraved into wood or embroidered onto a blanket for your friend.

Sympathy gifts delivery should always be done at an appropriate time. It shouldn’t be right after a person has passed away nor too late after the grieving period has passed. It is important to be respectful of the boundaries, your friend’s emotional state as well as the family’s emotional state while sending a sympathy gift basket.

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