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Luxury Bath & Spa Gift Ideas For Women

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Women work hard to accomplish that fine balance between work and life, and use their superpowers to take care of everyone around them efficiently. So, they deserve to be pampered and appreciated too. And who wouldn’t enjoy a gorgeous and feminine gift basket? They are perfect for all women, whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthday.Spa or bath gift baskets include various formulations that make them feel happier, relaxed and more confident.You can either assemble stunning spa gift baskets for women on your own or just order one online based on your budget and the recipient’s preferences. Here is a list of a few options you can pick from -

  1. Bath Bomb Basket:


    You can order a basket full of luxury bath bombs in various scents. It will not only help her to draw a nice and soothing bath every now and then, but will also help her relax take a break from daily life. There are various scents available these days like, Melon, Banana, Citrus, Strawberry and more. You can also opt for bombs containing shea butter and essential oils that make the skin smooth and healthy. It would be one of the perfect spa gifts for her.

  2. Foot Spa and Pedicure Basket:


    A busy woman is on her feet all day long. So, she would love products that take care of her feet and help her rejuvenate after an especially tiring day. All you have to do is order a foot spa or pedicure basket online and send it to that special lady with a personal note. Such baskets usually contain foot scrubs, pumice stones, lotions, heel creams and so on.

  3. Organic Bath and Spa Set:


    Looking for special bath gifts for her? If she loves organic products,order a premium spa basket that includes everything organic for the woman you love. Organic products are safe and healthy for even those who have sensitive skin! Make sure the products don’t contain parabens, alcohol, SLS, or any other harmful chemicals.>

  4. Floral bath and Spa Basket:


    A spa basket containing personal care products in floral notes can be a delightful gift. Make sure you pick a spa gift basket that contains shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body scrub, bath bombs, and bath salts. When the lady uses these products, the whole bathroom will smell like summer! It will help her unwind, focus and feel refreshed.

  5. Manicure and Spa Basket:


    A woman’s hands take care of million things, starting from feeding her child and working on her laptop to vacuuming the living room, washing the dishes and so much more. So, they deserve as much attention as her feet. You can gift her manicure basket that comprises of nail filers, hand scrub, hand creams, steamer and beautiful nail paints. It will not only provide her a salon-like experience at home but also give her tired hands a break and a much needed pampering session.

These exclusive spa gift ideas for women will surely help you now to pick the best one for that special occasion. Keep the recipient’s tastes and needs in mind and choose something that fits your budget as well.

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