Sending Cigars as a Corporate Gift

Cigar as a Gift

The introduction of tobacco in Europe emerged in 1492, when Christopher Columbus's crewmen encountered natives who presented them tobacco on the Island of Hispaniola. When exploring the Island of Cuba, they discovered the natives smoking a twisted, dried palm or plantain rolled with dried tobacco leaves. Tobacco grew in popularity, especially during the 19th century, with cigar smoking becoming commonplace in most facets of society. In fact, the cigar industry employed many people to make cigars before the advent of mechanized manufacturing. Vicente Martinez Ybor, a prominent cigar manufacturer, moved his operations from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida to escape the tumultuous environment produced by the Ten Years' War. This marked the beginning of the cigar industry in the United States. Shortly afterward, Ybor moved his operations to the small city of Tampa, Florida to build the largest cigar factory in the world at the time, and established the working community of Ybor City. Ybor's move attracted competitors who eventually built a series of nearby cigar manufacturers. The area produced millions of cigars, including the five hundred million "clear Havana" cigars that earned Ybor City the title of "Cigar Capital of the World." Cigar-making operations swept throughout the United States, where rollers manufactured cigars from their own homes. Modern cigar manufacturers use machines; however, a few hand-rolled operations make prestigious cigars.

Cigars have not lost their appeal. In fact, many corporations and small-scale businesses offer gifts to their clients and colleagues. This common courtesy serves to extend a token of appreciation for successful business endeavors between two parties. Many cultures have practiced corporate gift giving to continue business relations. In addition, this enables corporations to advertise their logo by having their company name imprinted on the product itself. Corporate gifts embody an array of different items; however, nothing has as much appeal as a prestigious cigar. Not only does this invite peaceful amends, it continues the custom of cigar smoking among the corporate elite.

Types of Flavors

Many people love the different types of flavored cigars available on the market, including mild, medium, and full-flavored smokes. The occasional cigar smoker will easily enjoy mild or medium flavored smokes. The extremely bold and seasoned cigar smoker will likely enjoy full-flavored smokes that pack the strongest kick into one wrapper. Business colleagues can purchase complimentary cigar boxes to give as unique corporate gifts. Many of these complimentary boxes contain different flavor profiles that can be offered as separate gifts for different corporate colleagues.


Diehard cigar smokers have at least one accessory that helps them preserve, store, and light smokes. Cigar accessories can be offered as cigar-themed corporate gifts. Cigar smokers can always use a good cutter to enjoy a good smoke. In addition, many cigar manufacturers make several types of lighters. Humidors are perfect for preserving favorite smokes before a business meeting. Ashtrays offer a wealth of utilitarian value for cigar smokers who constantly travel. Cigar tubes and holders offer storage value for those connoisseurs who wish to save a partially smoked cigar. Offer a pack of wooden matches with any of these accessories to compliment the corporate gift.

Gift Suggestions

Many corporate cigar smokers love to play golf. Pack a set of golf markers in their corporate gift basket. These are the perfect addition for any gift baskets that can be given at a business meeting or convention. Consider adding coffee mugs, shot glasses, and wine glasses to a corporate gift package. Other utilitarian gift suggestions include breath mints, air fresheners, cologne, and effusion fragrance lamps to cover up the strong odor associated with cigars smoking. These are particularly appreciated for those who work with non-smokers. Add a final touch to a corporate gift basket by tossing in a flask of their favorite alcoholic beverage to enjoy while smoking their cigar. These items can be tailored to the individual or the company itself. For instance, many gifts can include an inscription of the company name upon them. Many connoisseurs today enjoy a delicious alcoholic beverage and their favorite cigar. This gives them time to unwind and relax as the stress leaves their body.