Tips To Make Rosh Hashanah Memorable With Gift Baskets

Rosh hashanah gift baskets

The Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah is a happy occasion that marks a new beginning and hope for a wonderful future. On this day, Jews all over the world get together with their families and friends to celebrate love, positivity and warm feelings for one another. So, if you are planning to make this occasion all the more special, gift baskets can be your best bet. They come beautifully organised and decorated with bows, ribbons or glitter, and will make the recipient super delighted! Plus, these days, even if you are sitting in a country far away from where your loved ones stay, you can easily order a gift basket online, based on your taste and budget. Here are some basket ideas to help you choose from the wide variety you will find nowadays.

Sinfully sweet chocolate baskets

Among food baskets, these are always extra popular. And who doesn’t like receiving a basket full of delicious gourmet chocolates, cookies and wafers? These chocolate baskets can be composed of anything from milk and dark chocolates to those flavoured like mint, peanut, nougat or caramel. Nutty, creamy and crunchy varieties will be packed together in these hampers. You might also get flavours like coconut, pistachio, berries, and so on. Beautiful packaging will further enhance the message of your gift.

Savoury treat baskets

If chocolates seem cliché or maybe the recipient doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, try gifting a basket full of salty snacks like chips, flavoured nuts, salami and sausages. These baskets might also have salty or spicy biscuits, cookies, nachos, or a variety of cheeses. These can last long and can be enjoyed over a period of time too.

Healthy and fresh fruit baskets

Fruit gift baskets are ideal for those who are passionate about fitness and stay away from sweets or processed goodies. A large basket of seasonal and fresh fruits like bananas, oranges, apples and grapes can delight such a recipient. Plus, it will all look very vibrant too.

Why choose gift baskets?

Gift baskets look and feel lavish, and show how much you care in the best possible way! Moreover, the goodies in the basket can be shared by a big family or with guests who come over to greet on Rosh Hashanah. Even the basket can come in handy when the goodies get exhausted. For instance, the empty basket can be used to store knickknacks, condiment bottles, fruits or snacks and tea and coffee.

Other wonderful gift ideas

Flowers are always a wonderful choice if you are planning to convey love and happiness to someone dear on the Jewish New Year. And the best thing is they are also a safe bet, when you don’t know what else to gift! They look gorgeous and smell amazing. From roses and lilies to carnations, gerberas and orchids, there is a variety of flowers you can pick from.

Gifting combos are also cool, as they usually combine flowers with cakes or flowers with chocolates. Or you can simply send a big cake in a delicious flavour like chocolate, cookie and cream, vanilla, coffee, Tiramisu or berry.  

Now that you know how easy it is to make Rosh Hashanah a joyous occasion, pick the right gift for your loved one and make the day memorable for him or her.

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