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What To Do When You Have To Host A New Year Party - Décor Tips

New Year Celebrations

A New Year is a new beginning, and it gives everyone a chance to wipe their slates clean and start afresh! The dawn of a new year is often the time when people resolve to be more ambitious, more caring, more health-conscious and more positive. So naturally, the right kind of New Year party can get the ball rolling for everyone. And if you are responsible for hosting it, you need to have some smart décor tips handy. This is because, without the right decor theme, your party can be a failure. But if you keep the following ideas in mind, it can become the talk of the town easily! Just make sure to plan everything in advance and set a realistic budget first. It will make everything else easy.

So, let's start with how you can decorate your party, so that it is a stunner:

The power of fresh flowers

Arrange flowers like roses, daisies, lilies and tulips in beautiful vases made of porcelain, crystal or even brass for a refreshing feel in the party room or hall. Mix and match bold colours like red, yellow and orange with whites and pastel pinks for an interesting look. Arrange bright flowers in white porcelain vases or red and purple chrysanthemums in shiny brass vases. Arrangements of red and pink or red and orange roses in crystal vases will look gorgeous too. You can also choose funky vases in animal shapes or vegetable shapes for a quirky atmosphere.

Experiment with paper

Streamers, bunting and paper lanterns are always a huge hit at a New Year’s party. Choose bold colours or metallic ones like gold and silver for a glamorous look. You can adorn a wall with paper fans in different sizes or stick on some beautiful paper cut-outs. Paper party hats can be bought or made at home too, with old craft paper, glue and some glitter! You can also use tinsel or streamers to create the New Year number on a wall.

Liven up drinks

Want to make New Year countdown fun? Then serve champagne in glasses that are marked with numbers counting down from 10. This can make the last 10 seconds to a new year very exciting. Choose large self-stick numbers from a stationery store and paste them on your glasses. Another great idea is to line the drinks tray with metallic paper, gold or silver. You can also create a centrepiece by arranging some empty champagne glasses on a cake stand on your dining table, and fill them with gold and silver ball ornaments! This arrangement can be surrounded by the real drinks.

Don't forget balloons

Just by filling a room with white and silver balloons, or silver and golden balloons, you can attain that party atmosphere you have always wanted. Fill them with colourful confetti if you wish. Or get a little creative and buy balloons in plain colours and then roll them in glitter after spreading glue on their surface. This will add extra pomp to your party.

Apart from the above ideas, remember to get fancy placemats, dinnerware, and candles for a memorable dining experience. Add some plush throws here and there for a cosy feel. String lights can also add much pizzazz. So, keep these ideas in mind and host the best New Year party ever.

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