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Ramadan Gifts

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time when Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight. Ramadan is celebrated by fasting
from dawn to dusk and it is considered a time of prayer, spiritual reflection and charity. Its also about spending time with family and friends and its common to have
one meal before sunrise and one after sunset.

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us. This holds immense significance in the Islamic religion and tradition. Muslims all over the world practice abstinence from food and water all day, and break their fast at the sound of the evening prayer. The month of Ramadan ends in the festival of Eid, where people dress up in new clothes and head out to meet relatives and friends.

This month is believed to be full of blessings, and the important occasion calls for a gift to send out to your near and dear ones. No matter where your relatives are, here is a list of 5 Ramadan gifts that will make this month even more special for them. 

1. Fruit Basket

Ramadan is considered a time when all those who observe fasts try to detoxify their body and minds. They try to refrain from unhealthy food items. You will most likely see a spread of dates, fruits and other chilled drinks at the time of Iftar when the fast is finally broken in the evening. 

You can send out delicious gift hampers in India this Ramadan! An amazing, healthy and organic fruit basket will let your loved ones know you really care. In this holy month, your friends and family could chow down on this fruit spread and tread a healthy path. 

2. Date Box

Dates are considered a staple food during the month of Ramadan. In fact, people who observe fast usually break their fast by consuming dates, which is supposed to give you a surge of energy after not eating anything all day. Dates are touted as the holy grail during this month and also provide a range of health benefits. 

For this reason, you can send date boxes to your loved ones so they don’t run out of their supply during this month. Dates are an appropriate gift for this occasion, so they will always be a welcome gift idea in any home!

3. Nuts and Sweets

Sweets usually signify happiness and goodwill. Therefore, they are the ideal gift ideal for the blessed month of Ramadan! You will see nuts and sweets in an Iftar spread in almost every household. They are also presented when people hold Iftar feats for friends and family. 

You can send out Ramadan gifts in India to delight your loved ones and a nuts and sweets gift box is the ideal choice! This small gesture will make a big difference and touch the hearts of your recipients. 

4. Fresh Flower Bouquet

Flowers are a fool proof gift that is perfectly in line with any special occasion, and Ramadan is no exception! If you are looking for convenient, hassle-free Ramadan gifts that would be welcome in every home, send out a fresh floral bouquet to your loved ones!

You can schedule an international gift delivery from India and send out beautiful flowers to your relatives who live abroad. Ramadan brings blessings, and a stunning flower bouquet will add a touch of beauty and happiness too! 

5. Fragrant Candles

If you are looking for unique Ramadan gift ideas, fragrant candles are a perfect choice, especially for families. In some households, fragrant candles are lit during the blessed nights of Ramadan. To keep in line with this, you can look for pleasantly scented candles for your loved ones that will even fall within your budget.

We suggest sending out a scented candle gift basket that is sure to pleasantly surprise your recipients! This token of love will go a long way in making their fasts easier and Ramadan even more special. 

Ramadan Gift Delivery

No matter where your loved ones are, now you can send out Ramadan gifts all around the world. With a single click, schedule a hassle-free international delivery from India to make the month of Ramadan even better for your friends and family living abroad. 

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