Put all your gifts in one basket!

All in one Gift baskets

There is an interesting tradition in the state of Victoria in Australia. There exists a ‘Father’s Day Council’ there which recognizes and awards a few men as Fathers of The Year every year. Of course, the criteria and judging must be very difficult, given that every father is the best for his children.

Your father is the best too, isn’t he? Then he definitely deserves the very best on his day too! If you’re confused about what the best gift would be, I suggest you put all your eggs in one basket. What I mean is, pick the best item from each gifting idea, and gift them all together in a quaint gift basket!

One has to be really careful with a gift basket, as the purpose is to include in it only the things that the recipient will like. For Father’s Day especially, this basket should be more of a lifestyle statement; something that will be useful to him, something that he likes, and something that is classy. In this case, there are a few options which one can never go wrong with. These are also the gift basket options which have been international hits on the occasion of Father’s Day in the past year.

Does your father like to indulge in some vintage wines? The wine basket, then, is just the thing for him! Does he like gourmet chocolates too? Then, choose from either a basket of the most premium chocolates from around the world, or mix and match with a basket of wine and chocolates. The gourmet chocolates can also be chosen from a variety of Belgian, French, branded or assorted.

If you something even more classy, go for a grand champagne basket, containing a selection of the best champagnes, gourmet chocolates and cookies. If you are looking to pamper your dear father with a relaxed day, gift him a basket of the best grooming and bathing products, or a basket of premium French vanilla candles.

With so many options to choose from, I am sure you’ll make your Father’s Day the very best! I’ll solve the last of your worries too – finding these amazing gifts. Simply log on to Giftsnideas and choose from our wide array of gift baskets!

Written by: from Gift Guide