Private Branding FAQ

Private Branding FAQ

What is Private Branding Program?

Private Branding Program is a program under which you can provide international gifting services to your customer at zero cost. All you have to do is to add a banner/text link provided by us which will link your site to our Private Branding Website which will have the look and feel of your website. The customer would feel that he is still navigating your website.

Why should I join Giftsnideas’ Private Branding Program?

This Program brings you an opportunity of providing international gifting services (across 184 countries!) to your customers at absolutely zero cost and earning a commission of 15% per sale into the bargain. It also adds value to your brand.

Are there any fees for joining?

The Giftsnideas’ Private Branding Program is absolutely FREE.

How much will I earn? pays a 15% commission per sale.

Who will handle the Technical Aspect?

The technical issues of integrating some of our pages, links functionally into your site will be taken care of by our technical team.

How are the sales and leads tracked?

The Giftsnideas Private Branding Program is hosted at, an online affiliate network. After you join us at the ShareASale, we will send you tracking enabled links of ShareASale. This will redirect customers to our Private Branding website through ShareASale which will keep a track of sales and leads provided by you.

How and when will I be paid for my generated sales and leads?

Giftsnideas maintains a healthy balance amount with ShareASale. As soon as Giftsnideas gets an order through you, ShareASale deducts your commission from the deposit maintained by Giftsnideas and directs it to your account.

How do I see reports on my earnings?

You can access your account with ShareASale at anytime, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, using the username and password that you selected when signing up for your account. The reporting is all web-based, and user-friendly for your convenience.

What kinds of stats are available for the affiliates?

Each transaction is logged on ShareASale servers, and available for review in detail. They also keep aggregate stats on the number of hits, leads, commissions and sales.

Who can join this Private Branding Program?

Anyone who has a Gifts and Flower Delivery website can join this program.

However, it must be noted that it is the sole discretion of the company to decide which websites are suitable and which are not.

What should I do to become a part of the Private Branding Program?

It is very easy to join our Private Branding Program. Follow these steps:

  1. Email us to let us know you are interested.
  2. Once you receive positive confirmation from us, join ShareASale as our Affiliates.
  3. Our Technical team will create a website with the look and feel of your website and send you the tracking enabled links that will connect your site with it.

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