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  • Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Teenage Daughter's Birthday

Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Teenage Daughter's Birthday

Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Teenage Daughter's Birthday

In a time where everyone has everything, it is a little difficult to find a gift that someone likes. For teenagers, it becomes especially difficult because they are quite picky and know what they like and dislike, significantly narrowing down the gifting field. For a teenager’s birthday party, it is essential to find the right kind of gifts to give to their friends. There are a ton of criteria to satisfy, including style, cool factor and what not. So to help you pick out some great personalized gifts, we have compiled a list of possible gifts for you to choose from.

Pencil cases:

Teenagers go to school too, so they need pencil cases. If your teenager likes shiny things, you can get her friends neon plastic pencil cases with each of their names personalized on the case itself. This gift is useful and if you pick the right material, it can be quite stylish too. Make sure to ask your teenager about the latest trends in school accessories this season.

Phone covers:

Phone covers are a great idea for return gifts as well. You always want to send personalized gifts back home with their friends so the party is remembered for a long time. Phone covers are handy in this day and age because most teenagers have a phone. They are extremely easy to customize and you can get it a teenager done locally as well if you don’t want to order them online.


Bracelets might sound cliché, but give a group of teenagers matching bracelets and simply stand by to see their reactions! If your teenage daughter is having a party for her birthday, you both can get together and make fun, macramé bracelets with letter beads spelling out everyone’s names on each bracelet. This is a fun bonding activity for you and your daughter too, apart from being a fantastic, low-cost gift.

Pillow cover:

Another latest trend in personalized gifts is pillow covers. Pillow covers can be customized with pictures, letters or even sequins that change patterns. You can sit down with your teenager and figure out how exactly they would like to personalized birthday gift for their friends. You can also pick out individual pictures for each of the friends to make a really special gift.

Sports bags:

Kids these days love bags and the more stylish, the better. If you want to give your teenager’s friends gifts they can use, sports bags can be a great option. Sports bags are like duffel bags, but smaller in size. These are perfect for the gym, or dance or sports classes. Sports bags can be customized with printed letters or printed names, making them a great functional gift.

Water tumbler:

In the eco-friendly era what better gift to give, than a plastic free and safe water tumbler? Water tumblers are funky plastic glasses with a plastic straw. These can be reused all the time and function as a water bottle essentially. You can get name decals for each of the tumblers to make it look fun and stylish. The tumblers can also be used for other drinks, such as juice, smoothies, etc.

Finding a gift for a teenager can be difficult, and finding return gifts can be even more difficult. However, this list will definitely help you find the right gift and make it personal enough that the kids will love it. So start researching and make sure you place an order for the perfect birthday gift.

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