Personalised Gifting in UK


The gifts that are tailor-made for particular individuals for particular occasions are called personalised gifts. In the United Kingdom, people seem to prefer personalised gifts to standardised gifts. Personalised gifts can be given on various occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and celebrations like Christmas, to name a few.

The idea of personalised gift is very simple. Writing the person's name on the birthday cake is a simple example of a personalised gift. The good thing about a personalised gift is that it lets the recipient feel that he/she is not given just one of those items produced in hundreds or thousands.

Personalised for the recipient

The recipient can be your partner, your child, a friend, your neighbour's little baby, or just about anyone. Usually people try to make sure that the gift given is something unique. Not only will it have some marks of the receiver, such as his or her name, but also it will be something that is suited to the interests and personality of the recipient. For example, a 12-year-old boy who is an ardent fan of Andrew Flintoff would love a cricket bat bearing a picture of his favourite player.

Engraved, personalised gifts

Among the various kinds of gifts people give, engraved gifts are particularly attractive. The fact that a beautiful object is engraved on an attractive material, say crystal, is aesthetically pleasing to many. For instance, your favourite quotation or a replica of your favourite painting can be engraved on crystal or copper. You can consider giving someone a unique and personalised engraved gift, which would make the recipient feel absolutely special.

Baby gifts and personalised baby gifts

Babies are a special category of gift-recipients. The kinds of occasions on which babies are given gifts include baby shower, your first visit to the newborn baby and family, and the baby's christening. Starting from the time before they are born up to the time they start walking, babies can be gifted with a variety of items like clothes, shoes, chocolates, soft toys, and blankets.

Although babies may not be fully-grown persons, they can also be given personalised gifts. If you gift a baby with a Harry Potter soft toy and if pressing a button would make Harry shout the baby's name, the baby and its parents would be delighted.

Personalised Xmas gifts

The last part of the year is a tremendous party time in the western hemisphere. There is business galore for 'Xmas gifts'. What many merchants seem to overlook is the fact that most people prefer some personalised item as a gift. Suppose you are someone who likes to bicycle even in winter and your significant other, who is on a trip to Germany for a conference, sends you an outdoors jacket just suited for cycling. Wouldn't that make you happier than receiving a standard Christmas gift?

This kind of gift also comes under personalised gift. It is its uniqueness that makes it personalised. The gift may not bear your name on it; still this gift shows your partner's concern and understanding of what precisely would make you happy.

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