Unique 18th Birthday Gifts For Him

Bday Gifts

There are special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries in life which helps in bridging the distance between hearts. There are gifts for every occasion; however it becomes difficult to a make choice for him. There are limited options available for boys as they say. Leather belts, wallets, pens are some of the conventional gifts regarded as gifting option in the past. Well, the options have not been explored yet. With the help of GiftsnIdeas, there comes an end to the brain wrecking season when the birthday month hits you. Gone are the days, when we gifted the same old music systems, board games to people.

Every birthday is a special one, but the joy of celebrating 18th birthday is different especially for boys/men. In the new era, it is the times to explore some of the unique gifting ideas which make even men feel special about their 18th birthday. Therefore, we bring some of the unique gifting ideas for 18th birthday to help you show your love. Health alternatives such as fruit juices, dry fruits can also be regarded as one of the special gifting option for him. Apart from the usual cakes and chocolates, now there are other options available for gifts.

Cakes on the other hand, can be customized according to the personality of the person. Chocolates are any day love for everyone. There are non-diary vegan chocolate truffles which can be gifted for 18th birthday. Customized or Gourmet basket are the trending birthday gifts for him where you can add his favourite things such as cookies, chocolates, fruits or any fragrance.

If you are living in a different city or country, a cookie tower coupled with variety of fruits will be a great gift which will soothe his hunger pangs post dinner. You can also gift chocolate basket, cakes of different flavours, fruit and cheese basket, orange baskets, prosperity gift boxes and many more as birthday gifts for him on the special day. Or something splendid like the a basket filled with fancy caramel chips, harmony fruit baskets, ethical Oxfam breakfast basket, pasta basket and jam sets to greet the boy.

If your guy loves cheese, bingo! You can get him the best cheese and salami basket available to celebrate his 18th birthday. Choco dipped berries, cannoli cakes, cheesecakes are among some of the popular delicacies among teenagers in many countries. Just saying!

Mostly men don’t have a regime to take care of their hair. You can get him a customized Spa basket along with other gifting options as birthday gifts for him. This will help in realising the importance of grooming. Grooming is something every man should follow and the best way to inculcate this habit is to give a grooming gift.

However, out of the entire gift listed, Poker set is by-far the best birthday gift for him. The deluxe poker sets can be combined with a flower bouquet and gifted on his special day. Customization of gifts will never go out of style but require a lot sneak-peek in his life. A customized photo puzzle with all the best memories of his life can be a perfect gift.

A boy becomes a man on his 18th birthday and adulting hits hard to a man. Make sure you have some amazing gifts in your pocket so that he feels special on his special day. Other than these amazing gifts, some words of inspiration engraved in a piece of paper would help him sail through hard times. Whatever gift you choose, make sure you have a special emotion behind it and you share it with the guy!

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