Things to Gift Your Host at Iftar


During Ramadan, Iftar parties are often hosted in Muslim families where loved ones get together to break the day-long fast. They gather to celebrate togetherness and relish a scrumptious feast together. Younger ones take blessings from the elders of the family and they also receive gifts. Usually, for such iftar parties, families tend to invite guests to share the special meal with them and spread love and peace.

So, did you just receive an invite to attend an Iftar party this year? Are you wondering what kind of gift to choose? Here is a list of Ramadan gift ideas that you can consider-

  1. Homemade Treats

    Homemade gifts are the most thoughtful gifts ever. Not just the hosts, but everyone attending the party would appreciate the effort behind homemade gifts as Eid presents. In case you are planning to cook or bake something for the feast, it’d be best to speak to the hostess first so that you don’t repeat the food items. For this gift option, you can consider the preferences of the family members and bake something that everyone can enjoy.
  2. Dry Fruits

    Dry fruits are not only delicious, but they provide a lot of energy as well. Dates, raisins and walnuts are considered as delectable as sweets and are completely appropriate as Eid gifts.  Dry fruits that are non-perishable or frozen can be consumed for several days after gifting. You can easily find online stores that sell assorted gift baskets with high quality dry fruits. If you are getting it delivered directly to the venue, make sure you calculate the estimated time of delivery and that it’s packed well.
  3. Hijabs for women, pathani for men

    If you are not very keen on bringing edibles to the party and if you are close to the hosts, you can consider bringing beautiful embroidered hijabs for the women in the family. Similarly, you can pick up pathani suits or just a kurta for the men. It is culturally appropriate and will be appreciated and loved by the family members.
  4. Wall Art Decals

    There are several Islamic wall art decals available online these days. These decals can be spotted in various modern Muslim homes as they add to the home’s look and feel. You can pick anything from Quran quotes to impressions to just basic wall paintings. They come in all shapes and sizes and will totally fit your budget.
  5. Luxury Baskets

    Gift baskets are absolutely perfect as a gift for Eid. After all the work and hectic schedule during Ramadan, your hosts could really use a luxury basket of spa goodies. A few other options for luxury baskets would be pedicure kit, oil therapy kit, mud masks etc. These often come with essential oils, shampoos, scrubs, aromatic candles, plush towels and more.
  6. Cookie Platter

    How about a platter of scrumptious cookies? It would be best to bake them yourself, but if you don’t have the time or the skill for it, there are various websites that delivery all sorts of cookies, even internationally. You can pick your preferred variant from popular choices like chocolate, mint, raisins, gourmet etc. You can also pick a more luxurious basket like, Persian or Romanian cookies if you are ready to splurge a little.
  7. So, for your upcoming Iftar party, consider getting any of the above gifts for Ramadan, so that your host remembers you with fondness for years to come. can help you to show all of that with graceful and kind gestures along with their superior products and prompt service.

    Written by: from Gift Guide

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