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Passover Gift Ideas That Will Make A Lasting Impression

Gift Guide For Passover

Passover is one of the biggest and significant holidays for Jewish families. It is the festival of freedom, a celebration of the liberation of the Jews from Egypt during the ancient Egyptian empire, and therefore, it is quite fondly celebrated with loved ones. Usually, when families gather to spend the time together on this auspicious day, treats and gifts are exchanged. But if you live away from your family and can’t be physically present to celebrate, you can easily send gift baskets through various online stores that will remind your family of your love, and make a long lasting impression.

Gift Baskets are a big hit!

For Passover this year, you can send gift baskets filled with fresh fruits or dry fruits, depending on the preference of the recipient. It they are not very interested in fruits but definitely have a sweet tooth, you can send them some delectable desserts like assorted chocolates, gourmet cookies, snack boxes, dry fruits, or even tea or coffee kits, if they are passionate about hot beverages.

A bottle of wine is never a bad idea

Yes, we know you can never go wrong with a bottle of vintage wine as a gift, so why not consider it for Passover? In fact, it is quite an appropriate gift for Passover keeping in mind Seder, for which 4 glasses of wine are allotted per adult, symbolizing the four promises God made to the Hebrews. It will not only have a religious significance, but your family will also end up having a good time while drinking the vintage wine.

Go Traditional

Seder plate is the safest gift to send for a Passover. The Seder plate is used to keep the 6 symbolic food items in any Jewish household. It is usually placed in the middle of the table. While buying the plate, try and look for a collectible one, with traditional art that resonates with the story behind Passover. Usually Seder plates have specific spaces marked, which are identified in Hebrew for each type of food served at the Seder meal.

A few things to keep in mind before making your purchase

  1. If you aren’t a Jew and are attending a Passover Seder for the first time, confirm with the host if what you plan on bringing is Kosher or not.
  2. Kids are the key to Seder. If you are attending a Seder for the first time, be prepared to see a lot of kids around and try to bring a few gifts for them, like a kosher chocolate or cookie basket.

Hope these ideas help you buy a perfect gift for the Passover this year. Since it is a very traditional holiday, it is always appreciated to give and receive gifts that align with the religious sentiments of the family. And if you are a non-Jew attending a Seder for the first time, feel free to take a heads up from the host about the dress code, acceptable gifts and rituals.

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