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Delicious Dessert Ideas With Milk Chocolates

Delicious Dessert Ideas With Milk Chocolates

Milk chocolates with its subtle sweetness and smooth, creamy texture give a treat to our taste buds.

Now that you can buy chocolates online- treat yourself, your family, or send chocolates to your loved ones.

Without any further delay, try out these unique and delicious desserts with the star ingredient being milk chocolates. 

Here are our favorite picks!

1. Milk chocolate pudding

Choose a heavy saucepan and whisk away the cornstarch with sugar, a pinch of salt and cocoa powder and add in some milk and cream. Using medium heat, bring them to a boil while continually whisking for just two minutes. Once it is cooled down, add the delicious milk chocolates with a little vanilla (optional), and you’re done. 

Simply chill the pudding for two hours in the refrigerator and treat yourself to the best pudding in the world.

2. Milk chocolate treats

While you order chocolates online, buy an assortment of milk chocolates. They are varied- chips, bars, and kisses. It is the easiest and best way to sweeten your desserts.

Try the different ones with a cup of warm coffee, or some Darjeeling tea for a small but satisfying quick afternoon treat. A box of assorted chocolates can also be enjoyed by combining your regular popcorn with some melted milk chocolate and almonds and make it your all-time favorite movie snack. If you are into fruits go for strawberries and dip them in melted milk chocolate. It simply tastes out of the world!

3. Milk chocolate shots

All you have to do to get your chocolate-high is whisk sugar with cream cheese at medium speed.

Layer the bottom of the shot glasses with chocolate chips and add the cream cheese filling on top. Make alternate layers of chips and cream cheese. To make it even more special garnish it with milk chocolate kisses.

4. Chocolate lasagna

Chocolate lasagna is a dream dessert for chocolate lovers. This no-bake lasagna recipe is super easy and quick. Crush the Oreo cookies in a mixer, add melted butter to form the base of your lasagna and mix it well. Pour the mixture in a baking dish and pat it with your fingers to make it as even as you can. Refrigerate it for five minutes. Whip your cream cheese and add two tablespoons sugar and milk into it. Stir in a cup of cool whip, and it is ready to go on top of your lasagna base. Refrigerate it for another five minutes to let it set.

Once your pudding is set, spread the remaining cool whip on top of your chocolate layer. Go generous with chocolate chips to top your chocolate lasagna. Wait for three to four hours to taste the most delicious lasagna ever.

What makes milk chocolates best for desserts is its unique medium sweetness.

While dark chocolate crafters also use cocoa butter, cocoa liquor,sugar, milk chocolates get the velvety texture with the addition of premium quality milk powder.

So, what are you waiting for? Order and send chocolates as gifts on any occasion. Don’t forget to share these recipes with friends and stand-out as the star dessert chef. You can actually think of chocolate gift ideas for house warming also.

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