How to Plan her Big Birthday Bash

Birthday gifts for her

We all know someone who takes their birthday very seriously, and rightfully so. Whether you have just started going out or celebrating your 10th birthday together, you have to ensure to make her feel special on her big day. While birthdays come every year, this is your chance to trump last year’s celebration each time.

The planning should be easy, as long as you keep her preference in mind. Make sure you take care of all the details and this should be a piece of cake!

If still you’re stumped on what to do, here are a few ideas that will tread you on the right path.

Plan a Party

If the woman in your life loves grand surprises, there can be nothing better than hosting a party in honor of her birthday. Invite her friends and family and host a lovely dinner that she will surely thank you for. You don’t need to splurge too much and simply hold the event on your patio. The key is in the details. You can opt for decorative flower arrangements and of course, balloons to make the venue more attractive. This is the right time to put your grilling skills to test and prepare an earnest to goodness meal that all the guests can thoroughly enjoy.

Romantic Dinner

If your leading lady is a stickler for romance, this is your chance to sweep her off her feet. Prepare an intimate dine out with just the two of you. If you can get your hands on a rooftop or beachside venue, we bet it will make her birthday even more memorable. If not, an elegant candlelight dinner will do. Make sure to take a romantic red rose bouquet when you go to pick her up and pop open a bottle of her favorite champagne. Since women appreciate the effort, we bet she will love the little details!

Choose a Gift

No birthday is complete without a special gift. This choice will largely depend on her personal preference. Take a cue from any hints she drops prior to the big day regarding what it is that she would ideally want. It is no surprise that women love jewelry, so you will never go wrong with an elegant necklace or charm bracelet. Make sure you complement your gift with some lovely birthday roses. Go all out and create a basket with all of her favorite things like perfume, flowers, and chocolates. This will save you money and indicate more of an effort in comparison to giving her just one expensive gift.

Birthday Cake

Most women won’t admit it, but they love all the accents that make her birthday. This naturally includes a cake, so don’t miss out on that. Get a customized cake of her choice presented to her with candles. We bet she will take a few pictures of this gesture for her Instagram feed right away! Get pictures of you two as she cuts the cake to capture these priceless moments.

Handwritten Card

Women love receiving letters, especially since they have become somewhat of a rarity in the world of digital media. Pen your thoughts and feelings towards her on a cute card that we bet she will read over and over. Make sure you spend time on this small, albeit meaningful gesture as it’s the little things that matter most to women!

Picture Collage

While women usually go creative with their gifts, this is your chance to do something a little more endearing. Get cutouts of all your cute moments together and create an adorable collage. Take it as an art project and you’ll be done with it in no time. Her expression will be priceless when you present this picture collage to her that she can frame and display in her room.

With a little planning and effort, you can ensure you make her day truly special. Taking care of the cake, food, flowers and presents, you will have all the ingredients of a great birthday bash!

Written by: from Gift Guide