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10 Gift Ideas for a Long Distance Friend

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Are you bummed about a friend leaving for college? Is your high school sweetheart moving away for work? Long distance is no easy feat when it comes to relationships. Fortunately, we live in a time where distance means nothing! No matter how far away you are from each other, there is always one way or the other to stay connected.

The onset of a digital era makes communication a breeze but what do you do when you crave their presence during special occasions? Ideally, you would love to spend your anniversary or a birthday with each other, but if geographical boundaries limit you, we have the next best thing in store!

Now you can send friends, family, and lovers adorable gifts online beyond borders. Check out our pick of the best gift ideas that you can send to a long distance friend with just one click.

1. Flower and Chocolate Gift Basket

When it comes to gifts, you can never go wrong with a wholesome basket of flowers and chocolates. No matter how far away, you can always schedule a chocolate basket delivery to your long distance friend to lighten up their day. Make the gesture more personal by sending them their choice of flowers and chocolates.

2. Photo Frame

If you’re craving the presence of a best friend, dig up some of your old pictures together to take a sweet trip down memory lane. If their birthday is coming up, tell them how much you miss them by sending over a photo frame with one of your pictures together! Your best friend will appreciate the adorable gift idea and put up the frame to decorate their room.

3. Teddy Bear

Whether it is Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday or just any regular day, your long-distance girlfriend will love a giant teddy to cuddle with at night. Find a stuffed teddy holding an ‘I love you’ or I miss you’ sign to convey your feelings towards her in this absolutely endearing way.

4. Gourmet Hamper

If your friend has just moved away for college, they might be feeling a little lonely trying to settle in a new life. Show them how you care by sending over a healthy basket of fresh fruits. This cute reminder to them to take care of themselves will have them feel special and remember how much they mean to you! Choose their favorite fruits online and send them in a decorative basket that can be a keepsake.

5. Heart Shaped Pillow

When you are sleeping far away from the love of your life, get matching heart shaped pillows for the two of you! You can keep one for yourself and send one to them to connect your hearts through the thoughtful gesture. The plush pillow will be the perfect gift for them to remember you by as they drift off to sleep.

6. ‘I Miss You’ Coffee Mug

If you bestie loves their morning coffee, send them a coffee mug saying just how much you miss them! This gift will not only come in handy but also make their cup of Joe even sweeter! You can even personalize the mug and have one of your pictures printed on it.

7. Touch and Glow Lamp

Tell your long distance friend that you will always be connected at the heart with this creative gift. These touch and glow lamps will light up when you or your best friend touches them! This way, you can always let them know how much you miss them!

8. A Long Distance Quote Coaster

Get a coaster personalized with an adorable long distance friendship quote for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or buddy. Have it printed on a coaster so that whenever they use it, they think of you and cheer up!

9. Pen

Help the friend starting out of college with a pen that reminds them of you every time they put it to paper. This sweet gesture will also let them know you want to be a part of their new journey, even when you’re miles away!

10. A Recipe Book

Gifts that say someone really cares mean so much more! For a long distance friend who’s starting their new life will be touched by a recipe book that has all their favorite foods to chow down. Hel them start their new life with you right by their side.

Bridge the distance by sending your long-distance friends one of these adorable gifts to remember you by. Schedule an online gift delivery even when you’re miles away to show them just how much you care!

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