DIY: How To Wrap Gifts Like A Pro

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Gifts that are wrapped beautifully make a great impression and show the effort that went in to make them look stunning. But wrapping gifts the right way can be hard. Choosing the right paper, print and decoration material for your brilliant gift ideas can be tricky, and when you have to wrap a lot of gifts for a big holiday, you may end up struggling for an entire day. To avoid such situation, either you can send gifts online, and allow the retailer to take care of the packaging, or follow these tips that will help you wrap gifts like a pro -

Get The Right Supplies

How do you want the end result to look? Are you going for a simple wrap or something flamboyant? What kind of wrapping paper would you need? Do you have enough wrapping paper to wrap all of your gifts? Ask these questions to yourself before you sit down at your workstation. Make a list of supplies you’d need like, scissors, paper, glue, tape, decorative ribbons etc.

Pick The Perfect Paper

If you pick a wrapping paper which is too thin (low GSM), it will easily tear and the corners of the package will poke through. If you pick a paper that’s too thick, it would be difficult to fold and the gift would seem bulky for no reason at all. So pick a medium grade paper that creases easily and gives a neat finish.

Be Careful With The Shapes

Wrapping squares and rectangular shapes are easy but when it comes to circles and triangles, things could get tricky and messy. To make sure you get it right, rely on pleats and go for a test run before trying it on the actual gift box to avoid any damage in case it doesn’t come out right.

Personalize It

If you have a thing for DIY projects, then you are going to like this one. Instead of using a printed paper, how about you personalize it to make it more special? You can easily get a black matte finish paper from the market. Slap it on your gift and doodle away! You can spray a fixer solution post doodling, to make it stay on the paper for a long time. Similarly, you can also use brown shopping bags, aluminium foil, beautiful fabrics and ticket rolls as a fun alternative.

Wrap Smart

You know how you wish to use a specific paper to wrap a special gift but the paper is a bit smaller than needed? Instead of tossing that piece away in the bin and starting all over with another paper, how about you try wrapping the gift diagonally? Just fold two of the corners of the paper inwards; then make sure you crease the lines vertically. After a few pieces of tape and crisp folds, your gift will be ready. It will be wrapped in that beautiful paper that you have been saving for a while. Well, hope these easy wrapping techniques help you make your gifts extra special.

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