Easter Gift Ideas for Babies

Easter gifts for babies

Easter is coming right up and almost everyone is busy shopping for gifts. While choosing beautiful gifts for grownups is often easy, picking the right gifts for a baby can be a challenge! If you have any infants or toddlers in your family who are celebrating Easter for the 2nd or 3rd time, this gift guide is for you. We have listed down a bunch of gift ideas that you can take inspiration from, for baby gifts, and pick something that fits your pocket.

  1. Babycare kit

    If you will be visiting a family with a newborn or an infant, you can consider taking along a baby-care kit that includes talcum powder, baby oil, baby wipes, etc. You can also look for a travel-size kit for the parents to carry while going out. It is one of the very thoughtful Easter gifts and would be much appreciated by the parents.

  2. Sleep Set

    If the little one is 1 year old or older, you can gift them a pair or two of cute sleep sets. While shopping, look for something in soft and breathable fabric like cotton. You should also consider the season (warm or cold) while picking the set. There are many options available online with cute and quirky prints for kids.

  3. Soft toys

    Every kid enjoys having and playing with a soft or plush toy. These toys are their friends, so this Easter, you can gift a little one his or her first plush toy friend. While shopping for one, look for friendly shapes like bears, bunnies or dogs in plush materials. Also, make sure it has no sharp trims or embellishments that can potentially hurt kids.

  4. Bedtime story books

    While growing up, bedtime stories are essential for inculcating imagination, values and the love for learning in kids. They are undoubtedly among the best baby gifts. This Easter, you can consider buying the little ones in your family a bunch of classic bedtime story books that they can enjoy every night with their parents. These stories can be based on real life heroes, inspiring incidents, morals and everyday characters. Cloth books are also a great idea as they are soft.

  5. Cute Blanket

    If you aren’t really sure about the kid’s age, you can pick something generic yet thoughtful like a baby wrap or a warm blanket. There are quite a few options available online, ranging from basic designs and colours to the high-end brands. You can pick something in pastel shades or printed that will offer the kid a soothing nap-time.

  6. Easter egg basket

    If there has to be one gift which is totally a no-brainer here, it would be an Easter egg basket. You can easily place an order on any of the delivery website and send a chocolate egg basket or candy basket. Make sure you also add a note along wishing the kid and the family a very happy Easter!

  7. Sippers/cups

    The last one on our list is baby sippers or cups. No family can ever own enough of these as kids keep losing or breaking the sippers over time. They can be one of the best Easter gifts, as they come in pretty colours and patterns too. This Easter, you can gift them a couple of cute printed sippers that they can use for their snack time, milk and juices. While buying one, make sure the material is BPA free for the kid’s safety.

Hope this guide helps you find the perfect Easter gift for the little ones in your family. You can also have a chat with the parents and find out what the baby really needs and choose a gift accordingly.

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