DIY: Handmade Gift Ideas for Husband


We all know that these days, it is possible to get hold of a variety of store-bought, ready-made gifts that look great and impress the recipient. However, the charm of a handmade gift is unique and can make a lasting impression on your loved ones, especially your husband. Be it your anniversary or your husband’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or the first day at his new job, it would all become extra special with a bit of a manual work, creativity, effort and a pinch of love. To help you nail your homemade gifts for husband, we have created a list of some DIY gift ideas that you can try out.



Sure, it’d old school but still romantic. All you need is a CD or cassette and a spot on knowledge of your husband’s favourite genre of music. Once your list of songs is ready, either record them on a cassette, on a CD, or simply build the playlist online and send it to your husband. He will be overjoyed when he sees all his favourite songs together and more by the fact that you cared to make the tape.

Homemade Cake:


Any special occasion would remain incomplete without a cake , and if your husband loves a good, scrumptious cake, this can be one of the easiest and best handmade gifts you could work on. All you need is the ingredients to prepare the cake batter of his favourite flavour and a microwave oven to bake the cake. Top the cake with some icing and you are done!

Memory Scrapbook:


A scrapbook may sound like one of the most common gifts for husbands, but it has the most potential to be special! Every couple is unique, and so are their stories. All you need is a diary with handmade paper, a few colour pens to draw, write and paint, and a few pictures from the time you both spent together and you are all set! Just recollect all the moments you have shared with your husband in your journey together as a couple, and let it all come alive in your scrapbook. Once done, you can both simply take a look at this scrapbook every year, flipping through the pages of happy memories and create some new ones along the way.

Knit a scarf:


Men look great with winter accessories and a scarf is probably the best of them all. If you are planning on getting your man a scarf for the winters this year, we’d recommend you to knit one for him yourself. If you don’t know how to knit, there are several tutorial videos available online to teach you how to knit and crochet. You husband will not only love this gesture, he’ll most probably carry that scarf everywhere, every day.

Hope these gifts will help you win his heart all over again. To give him your special DIY present, plan a nice date night with a romantic dinner and then surprise him. He will feel lucky indeed to have you!

Written by: from Gift Guide