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Gift These Delicious Cakes On Your Boss's Birthday

Gift These Delicious Cakes On Your Boss's Birthday

Birthdays and cakes are synonymous. This special occasion isn’t complete without a good, delicious, decadent birthday cake. The whole fun in celebrating birthdays lies in getting a cake, lighting candles and wishing that person a happy birthday. When you are working in an office, the boss’s birthday is the single most important birthday.

Therefore, it becomes important to make sure that you get your boss the best birthday cake. But, make sure that they love the flavor before you order a giant cake for them and for the entire office. Check out the delicious cake ideas below for some cake inspiration.

Chocolate cake

A good chocolate cake will never disappoint. If you can find the right balance of the taste of chocolate and sweetness, it is possible to get the perfect chocolate cake. Your search can start at a local bakery. You can always head to the local bakery to sample their chocolate cake. Decadent chocolate cakes are hit with just about anyone, so you can be assured that your boss will be impressed with it. You can also choose to get online cake delivery to surprise your boss on his birthday.


Who can say no to a good cheesecake? A good cheesecake should be fluffy, but delicious. It should have some fruity component too in order to make it taste good. Now a good cheesecake is hard to find, so if you want to surprise your boss, you should start looking for it ahead of time. Not just that, cheesecake is an acquired taste so make sure to find out if your boss actually likes it or now.

Red Velvet cake

The famous red velvet cake has become famous in the last few years. The trend of combining red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting has become the rage in the baking industry. This is exactly why a red velvet cake might be a great idea for your boss’s birthday cake. The cake also pairs well with fruits so if you are going to throw a party in the office for your boss’s birthday, it would be a great idea to pair tropical fruits with it.


A fruitcake is what dreams are made of because it is that delicious. Whether you choose cake delivery or decide to make the cake yourself, the fruitcake will surely be a hit in the office, especially on the occasion of the boss’s birthday. A good fruit cake should contain nuts and dry fruits, along with a delicate cake that makes you want to eat more and more. So make sure you find the perfect fruitcake.

Pineapple Upside Down cake

Although an unusual choice for a birthday cake, the upside down pineapple cake can really be a unique cake for everyone. Although it is not a traditional cake, it is still quite delicious and decadent. The upside down pineapple cake is a classic and can be whipped up at home too. If you are unsure of finding it at a bakery, you can make it yourself.

Ordering a cake for a birthday is quite a responsibility. Whether you choose to order cake online or just bake one at home, it should be delicious and sweet. After all, it is your boss’s birthday and nothing should go wrong on this special occasion. Make sure you get a cake that is big enough to feed everyone in the office while leaving a piece for yourself too.

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