Different Types Of Cookies You Can Gift On Christmas

Different Types Of Cookies You Can Gift On Christmas

Just as the winter winds start blowing, plans to celebrate the upcoming Christmas start. Now, you may have certain unique ideas to celebrate Christmas a bit differently each year but a few things about Christmas remain the same year after year. Yes, we are talking about the Christmas cakes and the cookies. The cookies gifts are the most popular and loved types of Christmas gifts. And, in case you wish to send cookies to a number of friends and family members this year, here’s a quick guide to the different types of cookies that you can prepare yourself or just order from a reputed bakery.

Bar Cookies

Bar cookies are somewhat between cakes and cookies and they are the perfect option if you have less time to devote in making the cookies yourself. Just pour the dough and the other ingredients in a pan with sides instead of a baking sheet. Let the dough lie in multiple layers. Once baked and cooled, you can cut them into various shapes like square, triangle, rectangle and diamonds.

Filled Cookies

The filled cookies are usually made from cookie dough that is stuffed with fruits and other confectionary contents before baking. Some of them might appear like pouches, similar to the dumplings. The dough is encased around the filling with the edges crimped. A simpler process can also be followed wherein you prepare the cookies as tiny tarts to be packed in the miniature muffin tins. Whichever way you make them, they are special because they promise two treats in one bite.

Fried Cookies

This particular variety of cookies is rising in popularity especially, as packed gifts for Christmas. Fried cookies are when the drop or the filled cookies are cooked and fried in oil. They are typically dusted with powdered sugar after being cooked. Fried cookies are best served or packed immediately because of the crispiness that they come with owing to the process of rolling the dough in batter and deep frying them eventually.

Molded Cookies

Molded cookies are those made from stiff dough and formed into shapes right before baking. They can either be shaped by hand or in a mold. The exciting shapes such as wreaths, canes, crescents, balls and so on that you come across are all molded cookies. These types are known for their shapes and are, therefore, a favourite of the children. If you are sending cookies to a family with kids, you know which one to go for.

Drop Cookies

As the name suggests, these cookies are prepared by dropping or pushing spoonfuls of cookie dough onto the baking sheet. It is during the baking process that the dough flattens, spreads and takes its own shape.

All these cookies vary only slightly based on their baking procedure, shape and other factors. The taste remains mouth-watering as ever. If you are baking at home, use the finest ingredients and if you are ordering online, choose a reputed bakery to send gifts for Christmas that are appreciated by all.

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