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Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Cherish On Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Gifts

Nothing really beats the satisfaction of gifting something meaningful to your loved ones on an occasion as special as the Chinese New Year, which is a 15-days long celebration, full of fun and fervour. It is the tradition of gifting that adds more life and fun to any event and as the New Year is the time for a new beginning, gifts need to be well-thought of and exclusive. Here’s a small guide to help you plan the perfect present for your friends and family.

Delicious cakes:

A big and rich cake can make for a grand gesture on Chinese New Year. You can pick from various flavours like chocolate, cookie dough, coconut, vanilla, coffee, butterscotch, brownie and peanut butter. Beautiful icing and sumptuous layers of sweetness will thrill your loved ones easily. You can also choose cream cheese cakes or cakes adorned with fresh fruits for a unique tang! Just make sure that the recipient is not allergic to certain nuts or fruits before sending a cake that you think will make the occasion memorable.

Fruit hampers:

If the idea of starting the New Year on a fresh and healthy note appeals to you, a fruit basket is probably the right choice for gifting. A basket brimming with delectable, juicy and fresh fruits is something that everyone can enjoy. Strawberries, kiwi, apples, peaches, grapes, apricots and pomegranates are the large variety of seasonal fruits to fill in your hamper. Some fruits like oranges, tangerines and pumeloes are important as they represent fullness, wealth and good fortune in the Chinese culture. Decorate the baskets with elements of the lunar year to add to their beauty.

Chinese tea basket:

Gift baskets, with an impressive variety of Chinese teas and tea-ware, are also a great idea, especially for tea connoisseurs. The Chinese teas have aromatic richness, delicacy and flavour. Some of them are herbal in nature with health-stimulating qualities.Go green with a green tea basket or choose sparkling cold brew tea. Make your choice depending upon the person you are planning the gift for.

A combination of goodies:

Make the New Year special for your loved ones by gifting them smiles in the form of food hampers comprising of a variety of chocolates, fruits, cupcakes and muffins beautifully wrapped and packaged. You can also combine them with a flower bouquet or a beautiful card with a special message to add a personal touch. And if the recipient doesn’t have a sweet tooth, go for a savoury gift baskets packed with sausages, salamis, cheeses, crisps and nuts! Consider gifting other impressive baskets like spa baskets or those that contain wines of several kinds.

A gift is a feeling and so it should be chosen with care, after much thought. Hand-picked gift baskets are a great way to show your affection to your loved ones on any special occasion. The secret is to choose the right kind of basket and to fill it with the right things as per the taste and preference of the recipient. Besides baskets, other important gift items include kitchen appliances, perfumes, home décor items, scarves, gloves and crockery.

Ordering online cakes delivery is another way to take some of the hassle out of your upcoming special event.

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