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Guide & Tips While Sending Gifts Abroad

International Gifts

If you have some of your friends and family members living abroad, international gift delivery is probably something that worries you every time a special occasion like birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other festival takes place. At the time of festivity, it can get painful and frustrating if you can’t decide which authentic gift delivery service to use for safe and successful delivery, or what things to keep in mind while packing valuable gifts that you buy or prepare for your loved ones with affection. So, here is a list of things that you can keep in mind while making an international gift delivery

  1. Make sure you don’t include prohibited items in your package

  2. Depending on which country you are shipping to, research on what is allowed and what is not. Each country has its own guidelines, make sure you read them before deciding on your gift. It is also important to keep in mind that some courier services too don’t allow certain items and their list of prohibited items may surprise you, but it’s important to do this research beforehand. For example, some courier services do not allow alcohol, flowers, glass items etc. It is also possible that the courier company chooses to ship certain items for you but won’t guarantee safe shipment.

  3. Your package should be strong enough for the journey

  4. Your parcel is technically going to cross roads, seas and what not. Make sure you package it strongly with different layers and padding. Use new packing material instead of old ones. Use proper packaging tapes. A courier service will take care of packaging in the end but it’s important that you also be extra mindful of it.

  5. Do be extra cautious with edibles

  6. Food items are subject to their own rules and regulations in different countries and courier services. Do your research and take care of basic things, such as store brought food must have manufacturing and expiry date written on it. It should also have ingredients written on it, and the food packaging must be sealed and not tampered with etc.

  7. Fill the custom form carefully and mention “gift” on it

  8. It is important to mention it on documents that you are sending a gift. Some countries have special benefits and rules for gift shipments. Your package can also be treated more carefully if this documentation is done right. You should know the cost of each item included in your package and in some cases, you might have to mention that on documents.

  9. Consider online International gift delivery services

  10. In the end, if one still doesn’t want to take the hassle of choosing a courier service, international gift delivery websites will do the job for you. You can simply just choose the items that you want to send and rest can be taken care of by the company. You can choose gifts for different occasions from such online stores and the gift guide can help you in case you have trouble deciding. From flowers to gourmet baskets to cakes and customized gifts, everything can be found here.

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