Mother's Day Gifting In UK

UK Mother's day Gifting Culture

Mother’s Day, also known as Mothering Sunday is traditionally celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday. As a celebration of motherhood, mother’s day is the time to visit and bring along mother’s day presents to honor and show love for mother’s and mother figures including grandmother’s, mother-in-laws and stepmother’s.

Mother’s day is a time of reuniting with mother’s, especially if you live far from her because of work or you have started a new family in another place. It is a nice gesture to make the trip to have lunch together, take her to a hotel or a restaurant or to some special place with other members of the family. If you cannot visit physically, there are mother’s day gifts to send to make her know that you are remembering her on this special day.

There are many good mother’s day gifts that will be appreciated, such as flowers, jewelry, cakes, chocolates, and apparel. Other mother’s day gift ideas are gift certificates for a spa treatment, dinner for two, a vacation package, beauty treatments, or hotel accommodations. These unique mother’s day gifts will give her the opportunity to indulge, relax and have a bit of fun, especially if you think your mother have worked too hard in the past.

If you are living in another country, or working abroad, there are online sites that can deliver mother’s day gifts international to the UK or to any other country. Online gift experts can take charge of handpicking international gifts for mother’s day across the world. Numerous gift ideas and gift catalogs for international mother’s day gifts and for all-occasions gifts like Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Get Well, Just Thinking of You, and more are now available online

Even if you are living or working in the UK but it is impossible for you to travel for many reasons, you can still send mother’s day gifts across the country to your mother or stepmother. Just get online and look at the numerous suggestions for mother’s day gifts specially selected by world class gift experts.

Originally, Mother’s Day in the UK was the day people especially females, attend church services in the place where they were baptized. It was a happy day of reunion for the adults that return to the villages and towns where they grew up. In time, it became a time when young serving maidens working in large estates were allowed to visit their mother’s, bringing gifts of food and other essentials. These days, it is a modern holiday, where people continue the tradition of giving UK mother’s day gifts.

Gift giving is a self-expression of affection and love. Your mother, grandmother or stepmother will appreciate the thought, whatever item you choose from the wide array of mother’s day gifts available online. Tell your mother how you appreciate all her care, hard work, dedication and love through all these years. Celebrate mother’s day with her; choose from Gifts n Ideas’ unique mother’s day gifts to show her your love and affection.

Mother's day is celebrated to honour our mother’s, for all the love they have shown to us by bringing us up and for making us responsible citizens. Earlier, in the UK mother's day was also called Mothering Sunday, celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Mother's Day has become a tradition in many households throughout the world. It is a day to show your mother, wife, grandmother or any other women and children, how special they are to you. Mother's day is celebrated by giving flowers, gifts and cards to Mother.

Before proceeding to buy the gift, one should have a few things in mind like, What are her interests? What items can give her immense pleasure, and what are the things used by her and what are most indispensable things for her?

Personal Cards and gifts

Traditional Mother's day cards are also famous in UK. Children send the Mothering Sunday cards to their mother. Mother's Day Gift Baskets would be a lovely gift filled with a few of mum's favourite things, which makes a memorable Mother's Day present.

Homemade gifts and crafts

Home made gifts and crafts like colourful candles, are prepared by Children to make their mother’s happy. Gifts for Mother's Day can range from the small and funny to extravagant and expensive crafts anywhere in between.

Personal Visits

Visiting mother in person is probably the most appreciated and popular tradition in UK. Even if they cannot visit her, they call and wish her. People come from far off places to meet their mother and express their love for her, which gives her immense joy.

Some more popular gifts on Mother's day

Gifts like presenting her with a wide of jewellery, Cosmetics, Kitchenware like dinner sets etc, and taking her to a restaurant, presenting a holiday ticket, Perfume Bottles, makes a mother feel like conquering the world. Naming a star is a superb and unusual, long remembered Mother's Day gift.

Facts About Mother's day

  • The goddess Brigid was honoured in Britain on Mother's day.
  • The ancient Greeks celebrated a holiday in honor of Rhea, mother of the gods.
  • The ancient Romans celebrated a holiday in honor of Cybele, a mother goddess.
  • Mothering Sunday was first celebrated in Britain in the 17th century.
  • Mother's Day. is the biggest flower selling occasion in the UK (about 35% of adults buy).
  • On Mothering Sunday servants were allowed to visit their homes, with the gifts given by their masters.
  • Anna Jarvis, was the prime mover behind the adoption of Mother's Day, and in 1905, she dedicated her life to this goal at her mother’s grave.

Mother's day celebrations across the globe

Mother's day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world.
  • Europe - second Sunday in May
  • America - second Sunday in May
  • Asian and Middle Eastern countries - 10th May
  • Africa - 14th May
  • Australia - 14th May

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