Mesmerize her!

Mesmerize Her

Leave her spellbound!

Birthdays are always tricky to do. You are supposed buy her a gift that stands out but doesn’t remind her of the word “weird”. To buy something that’s uh-mazing and awe-some at the same time is a fine art and only a few master it. Here is a list of a few exclusive gifts that will make her happy and all yours.

Starting of a relationship? Try our Fortune Cookies 12 Personalized Cookies

You could gift her personalized & delicious fortune cookies that are dipped in heart-shaped sprinkles and carry personalized messages. Your fortune cookie can tell you is she is yours. Your own the fortune cookie idea is always a winner. You could back them up with some roses too. However if there is a twist and she fires ten rounds and tells you that she wants to be just friends with you, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you didn’t spend a fortune trying to woo her. “Next please.” ;)

In the midst of a relationship? Trust us ‘Red Rose Delicious’ always works Red Rose Delicious

The name says it all. Our experts noticed that chocolate cakes always win with the ladies and the second best gift for a girl on her birthday is roses – the red, long-stemmed variety. They were also astute in observing that guys can double their chances of winning over the girl of his dreams on her birthday by buying her cake & roses. And voila, Red Rose Delicious appeared at her doorsteps to bring love, hope and joy in the lives of young couples everywhere.

A blossoming relationship? May we suggest Champagne and Chocolate Champagne Elegance

The best combo that is always a hit with the ladies; Champagne shows her that you care enough to buy her something classier than the run-of-the-mill birthday cake. The gift consists of world-famous Dom Perignon or crisp Domaine Ste of your choice and will arrive in a classic chiller for a prestigious presentation. An extra large pack of decadent, dark chocolate champagne truffles is also included in gift basket making it an ideal celebratory gift for the one who holds your heart. If you bought something for your girl from us, do let us know if it made her delirious with delight or not. Our gifts are guaranteed to make them swoon and fall in love with you. For real!

Written by: from Gift Guide