Lovers Picks

Lover Picks

No matter who you are or where you are, The Queen of England or in the middle of Queens in NYC there’s a part of life that’s all about the grind. Routine stiff that’s just gotta be done. Someone’s gotta put food on the table and the grind is how it’s done. Grinding today, grinding tomorrow how do we keep going? It’s all about little islands of brightness. Birthdays, holidays and Christmas all make islands of brightness.

Then of course there’s a special person who makes a brightness island in your world and once a year there’s a great opportunity to create a brightness island for yourself by telling her how much you love her. Valentine’s Day, 14th February is a perfect time for you to show how much brightness she brings to your humdrum world. Show she makes the routine special and the humdrum bearable.

If you’re going to do this it is all about bright so you need to be looking for things that are just that. Bright is the key word here and luckily Valentines colours are always bright. Valentine’s Day is all about the heart and the colours of the heart has to be bright red. Bright scarlet reds, the colour of the blood flowing through our pounding hearts needs to be there in any gift you send.

What could brighten up her day more than a combo gift of her favourite chocolates a gorgeous teddy bear. If you include some lovely roses you have every bright thing you could want in one single gift. Of course, if you really want something bright then you could always choose flowers with a difference. A dozen red roses which have your own message on the blooms to personalize them will make her eyes sparkle with delight.

Valentine’s Day is about the affairs of heart and anything with a heart shape is a time honoured way to show your feelings with and we’ve found a few really great heart shaped gifts for you. Heart shaped charm bracelets, or perhaps a Heart shapedjigsaw puzzle for you to both spend your time putting together? Perhaps a heart shaped ornament for her bedside table. Receiving one of these on 14th February will convince her how special she really is.

We’ve got so many great ideas for you that finding the right gift, at the right price couldn’t be easier. Our range just couldn’t be brighter. With an incredible range at you’ll be able to find the perfect choice. We have gifts in a variety of price ranges to suit every budget. Gifts between $30 - 40 or $50 - 60 and perhaps even $60 – 70 mean whatever your budget you’re bound to find the right one. You can even choose potential gifts according to your budget.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world and if your loved one is overseas never fear we can take care of things for you with the click of your mouse. No matter where you are, America,United Kingdom, Australia or perhaps India just log on and you’ll find a wide choice of things to brighten up her day.

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