Last Minute Valentines Day

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

It’s three minutes to Valentines and what’s that? Twang. What is that? Is it the twang of cupids bow or the twang of your heartstrings when you realise you’ve forgotten all about your other half. If it’s the twang of cupids bow at three minutes before deadline you need to really tune in to your twang much more carefully – shame on you. If however it’s because you’ve forgotten at least you have finally remembered. Get some credit for remembering, albeit a little late. Fess up and you’ve taken the first step towards recovery.

I know, I know, the boss has been on your case, the cars not working properly and the credit card bill is due but these are lame excuses and already the bill for absolution is at the roses and lilies level. Do you want to push it into the stratosphere of a large box of handmade Belgian chocolates as well? Can you risk an extended period of purdah? What will alleviate the frosty glances and icy stares? You will need plenty of chocolate, red roses lilies or other forms of heart shaped sweetness to really ensure your recovery is on a solid platform.

Recovery is going to be expensive and you know it but let’s look at why. Guys, and we know it’s always the guys who forget, do you understand the enormity of the crime you so nearly committed? She never really enjoys her birthday because that’s another year under her belt and what woman really enjoys being reminded? I guess the same thing’s to be said about anniversaries. The only time you can make her feel special, unconditionally special, with no come back is Valentines and you so nearly blew it!

Don’t fall at the last hurdle. The best advice is, if you’ve got it wrong admit it. Come clean – the flowers are in the post. That way you can get to forgiveness more quickly. Restitution must involve bigger, even grander gestures than you thought possible to make up for lost ground.

Here’s hoping you’re not a serial offender. Do you have a track record here or is this your first offence? If, regrettably, this is not your first offence then numbers will be critical. One dozen red roses? Not! You need to be imaginative with numbers. Multiple zeros is your penance. Try 100 of the very longest stemmed red roses and you might well survive.

We all tend to forget important occasions amidst our busy lives. While it’s usually no crime, you might just have to do time if you fail to give your lady love a gift on Valentine’s Day! To avoid the hassle altogether, we have a list of Valentine’s Day gifts exclusively catering to our forgetful girlfriends and boyfriends. Here is your chance to salvage your relationship with these clever, last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Let them Have Cake!

Can anyone ever refuse cake? While it is relatively simple, there is something special even in its simplicity. If you forgot to get your lover something on Valentine’s Day, you could always save face with a cake of their favorite flavor. To personalize this gesture further, add an ‘I love you’ with their name in icing. You both can dig into the delicious cake to end this special day on a sweet note. 

Chocolate and Flower Gift Basket

If you want to give the impression that you had been planning this gift for days, there is no better option than a wholesome chocolate and flower gift basket. Since chocolates and flowers are both remnants of love and romance, you will never fail to surprise your loved one with this gesture. Throw in a teddy bear and a card to perk up this standard gift hamper!

Gourmet Gift Basket

If you remembered Valentine’s Day as soon as the clock struck twelve, all is not yet lost! You can get a gourmet gift basket delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours and take it to her place pronto. This carefully put together gift hamper will delight her. Indulge in delicious cheese, fruits and chocolates with her favorite wine. This will make sure you both have a night to remember!

Assortment of Socks

Women love socks that they can warm up their feet in. In case you forgot to get her something for Valentine’s Day, add an assortment of adorable and funky socks that match your lady love’s personal style. Make sure you get loads of them so she can appreciate the time and effort spent selecting them all. This gift will come in handy, covering her feet’s needs for all of the winter season!

A Furry Mate

If your girlfriend or boyfriend has been yearning for a pet, this is your chance to overjoy them! Whether you’re at work or home, go straight to your nearby animal shelter and pick an adorable dog or cat for your Valentine. They will cherish this companion for years to come and consider it the best Valentine’s Day. Make sure you record their reaction to Instagram!

Spa Day Treat

A great way to make up for forgetting this special day is taking her to the spa and giving her your card to pamper herself all day. She will think you had planned this for days! While she is at the spa, you get ample time to get her some chocolates and flowers and schedule a dinner reservation.

Picnic Under the Stars

You can save the drama by smartly handling this Valentine’s Day. Get a gourmet food basket delivered to her doorstep, pick her up and drive to a secluded park. Open this delicious basket and enjoy your food and snacks under the starlit sky. Share valuable time and make memories that will last you both forever. Any girl will love this sweet gesture and we bet she’ll be gushing over it for months to come!

Online Gift Delivery

Now you can save your time by opting for online delivery almost anywhere in the world! Simply log on to the website, choose a gift that you like and send it to your Valentine’s house – all from the comfortable confines of your home. Never miss a special occasion with this simple service!

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