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10 Kid-Approved Gift Baskets...They’ll Want To Tear Apart Immediately


So, a special occasion is coming up and you have already chosen some lovely gifts for the grownups. But have you thought about the kids? Little ones can have very strong likes and dislikes and hence choosing the right gift for them can be a pretty tricky task!

One has to be extremely thoughtful and cautious while deciding on gift baskets for kids. There are many occasions where you might want to get them a gift, such as birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc. but kids love gifts without occasions too. As long as gifts are exciting, any time is a good time to make kids jump with excitement.

If you are confused about how to choose gift baskets for kids, here we bring you some novel ideas that won't disappoint toddlers -

  1. Soft Toys

  2. Kids love soft and fluffy toys. While growing up, they often call these toys their friends and they give them some names too. Many things have changed with time but kids today still love soft toys. The soft toy can be a bear, dog, bunny or something else, as you can rest assured that the child will warm up to it very nicely. A gift basket that combines soft toys with chocolates is also a great idea.
  3. Bedtime Storybooks

  4. There is absolutely nothing like an educational gift for kids. Kids love stories. Gift a basket of interesting and child-friendly storybooks to make a lasting impression. You can also choose books with some animation and cartoons to make it more interactive for kids.
  5. Sleep Set

  6. Soft fabrics make kids feel very comfortable and happy. You can think of making a personalized sleep set for kids by putting together a sleep dress, sleep blanket, small pillow, etc. Consider quirky prints to catch kids’ eyeballs.
  7. Superhero Themed Set

  8. Kids love superheroes! This one will be exciting for you as well since there is no dearth of cool options. From Batman to the Hulk, kids relate with each and every character in some way. You can make a basket using one or more superhero figures.
  9. Kiddy-Makeup Set

  10. Some kids love to treat makeup like they treat crayons. What better way to boost their creativity than giving them a makeup set? This set can also keep them engaged for hours and unleash their imagination in exciting ways.
  11. Drawing Set

  12. Colours not only excite little kids visually, but they teach them recognition and build cognitive skills too! Gift them a basket full of colouring books and colour pencils or crayons. They can draw and paint everything from small huts and flowers to trucks and big monsters.
  13. Glow in the Dark

  14. Give kids a basket of accessories that glow in the dark, if you are looking for something unique. Ribbons, headbands, masks, t-shirts, globe, etc can be added to your gift basket. Kids love glowing gifts as they help them get rid of the fear of dark too. Apart from being fun, these are also great for evoking their curiosity.
  15. Cookies and Candies

  16. When consumed in moderation, sweet treats can be harmless for kids and keep them energetic and happy. So, for birthdays and special occasions, a chocolate or cookie gift basket for kids is the best option possible. It might comprise of different flavours like nougat, caramel, milk, dark, coconut, peanut and more.
  17. Sports Kit

  18. Depending on the age of the child, you can decide what to add to the sports kit. Today, all kinds of sports kits are available for online delivery and otherwise. And these will encourage him or her to be physically active instead of poring over a mobile device.
  19. Games and Puzzles

  20. Some indoor games and puzzles can also excite kids, such as Monopoly, 3D puzzles or building sets. In addition, some of the games actually help in increasing a child’s logical reasoning and critical thinking.

So, now that you know what gifts can make little ones happy and excited, pick one based on their interest and personality. You will be remembered for a long time to come!

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