Home made Gift Ideas for Holidays

Home made gifts


  • Fresh Pumpkin Recipes, Halloween Recipes Galore!
    A website that provides fun, delicious recipes for festive family gatherings during the Halloween season.
  • Homemade Halloween Crafts for Kids
    A compilation of homemade Halloween crafts for kids, including an egg carton spider, ghost finger puppet, Halloween chain, Halloween table-cloth, pom-pom spiders, and floating ghosts.
  • Pack 114's Library: Halloween Fun
    A collection of Halloween crafts, party ideas, and recipes. Each of these project ideas are perfect for the entire family, especially the kids!
  • Halloween Haunting
    A ThinkQuest for students looking for fun Halloween recipes, costumes, jokes, ghost stories, and crafts.

Martha Stewart shares fun indoor Halloween decorations that everybody can create in between making tasty treats and carving the pumpkin!

  • 161 DIY Halloween Ideas
    Fave Crafts provides the ultimate do-it-yourself guide for family members who wish to make their own Halloween creations at home.
  • HowStuffWorks: Halloween Craft Ideas
    TLC provides multiple craft ideas, including homemade costumers, recipes, and activities. Kids can literally learn how to make fake blood in their own kitchen sink!


The ultimate Thanksgiving guide for families with crafty ideas for creating cards, recipe books, and mini scrapbooks.

A themed website that provides instructions on how to make crafts, games, and learning activities.

Echanted Learning hosts a webpage full of themed crafts, decorations, worksheets, activities, and printouts for young children anticipating Thanksgiving dinner.

A crafts project that encourages kids to create pumpkin centerpieces from cardstock, scissors, and glue.


The British Council provides extensive Christmas craft ideas, including Christmas snowflakes, baubles, paper chains, cards, crackers, fingerprint robins, potato prints, and a Santa Claus mobile.

The Do-It-Yourself Network offers a database of homemade projects that anybody can do by themselves or with their family.

An extensive guide jam-packed full of mason jar recipes, which are perfect gifts for people of all ages during the Christmas holidays.

A compilation of themed Christmas projects for adults and children looking for homemade gift ideas for their loved ones.

A collection of Christmas decorations, ornaments, gifts, and other crafty ideas for the family.

Better Home and Gardens provides an extensive database of themed crafts for home owners looking to decorate their yards.

An article that provides 8 easy homemade Christmas crafts for the entire family to enjoy creating as they count down the remaining weeks until they can open their presents.


iVillage provides 22 fun, easy and cheap Easter crafts for kids who want to make a gift for their friends, siblings, and parents.

An informative website for kids who wish to create their own themed crafts related to Easter, including bunny masks, ears crown, eggs, feather bowls, and more..

Michaels provides tons of Easter crafts, including egg decorations, for kids who want to prepare their own baskets.

Huggies provides a themed activities book for adults and children who wish to celebrate Easter by making delicious recipes, making crafts, and playing games.

Kaboose offers an extensive selection of Easter crafts, recipes, cards, games, quizzes, and egg hunt ideas.

A webpage that offers a large selection of Easter-related decorations, games, activities, crafts, and recipes.

An excerpt that provides extensive instructions on how to create natural dyes for Easter eggs.


The Public Broadcasting systems offers a few do-it-yourself foodstuffs for all birthday boys and girls.

Everybody loves chocolate, so why not make a few homemade bars for that special someone turning one year old on their birthday?

Nobody should move on in their lives without a slice of homemade birthday cake with butter frosting.

A compilation of children's birthday crafts, including banners, cakes, cards, hats, name tags, treat bags, and more.

A young kid in school can give their friend a homemade birthday crown to make their day special.

Parents can print out a pre-existing document that has a birthday banner already on the sheet.

The perfect homemade gift for a young woman on her birthday.

An in-depth document that provides extensive information on crafts for little kids, especially on their birthdays.

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