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Gifts That Can Make Hanukkah Extra Special

Hanukkah Gifts

The festive season has just begun and so has the excitement. We are done with Thanksgiving and now it is time to celebrate Hanukkah - the Festival of Lights. This festival is celebrated for eight days and is marked by lighting up candles every night, playing dreidel games, eating fried foods and by indulging in loads of fun with friends and family.

Unlike most other festivals, Hanukkah did not essentially involve exchange of gifts, though there was an exchange of gelt, which means coins or money. In the past few decades, however, traditions have seen some changes and gifting has also become an integral part of the festival, adding to its appeal. You can even select online gift baskets, comprising of an assorted mix of items to give to your close ones.

An event that comes only once a year needs to be celebrated in a special way. Revel in this holiday season and make it memorable for your loved ones by finding the perfect gift from the following list of unique picks.

Chocolate Basket:

A gift basket full of a variety of dark chocolates, rich milk treats and other chocolaty goodies makes for an exceptional gift for Hanukkah celebrations. Admired by adults and kids alike, chocolates are indulgent delights that set the right mood for the busy festive season. Team it up with chocolate popcorn or gelts, candies and delicious cookies to add to the flavours.

Healthy Fruit Basket:

Treat your loved ones with a hearty and healthy mix of fresh fruits. There are dozens of fruits to choose from. Add red and green apples, peaches, pears, oranges, kiwis and create a medley of colours and flavours. Anyone would take this beautiful fruit basket with a smile!

A basket full of baked goodies:

Cakes, muffins, bagels, kiffles and waffle – if you pack all these baked delicacies together in a basket and give it to your dear ones, what would the reaction be? Of course, happiness and only happiness!

Kosher Tea Gift Set:

Giftyour friends beautifully packaged gift sets of tea that they can enjoy every evening for eight days of the festival and even beyond. Spend some warm nights with them relishing hot cups of flavoured tea made from the finest tea leaves from around the world.

Spa Gift Set:

Make winters special and cosy for your friends by gifting them warmth wrapped in body care products. Select a complete range of spa products, you can also choose to stick to a particular colour. Make a blue, purple or a red basket and present it to your friends and family for a luxurious spa experience. Or order online.

Stationery Gift Basket:

Some things are loved by many and stationery is certainly one of these. Coloured pens, highlighters in different shades, stickers, memo books, scrapbooks, sticky notes, writing sets and erasers – the list can go and on. Thoughtful stationery gifts for friends and family are always a great idea. Collect an interesting mix of items and gift it to your dear ones. Stationery also offers a scope of personalisation and customisation. Make it more special by adding your personal touch.

The joy of giving increases manifolds when people take out time to appreciate your presents, with their smiles, excitement and words. Gift baskets, with these thoughtful gift items, will only take the spirit of the holiday a notch higher. So order gift baskets online today!

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