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Gift Delivery: GiftsnIdeas’s Global Holiday Guide

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GiftsnIdeas's Global Holiday Guide

Celebration is incomplete without gifts! Gift is what makes our bonds stronger. Whether you want to celebrate with your better half, parents or a friend, the idea behind giving a gift is sharing the feeling that they are special to you. To help you in gifting, here is a global calendar holiday guide, which might help you with Gift Delivery:

  • New Year:

    The first day of the year should be celebrated because it brings freshness and new resolutions in your life. Celebrate it with Chocolate cake and bunch of Lindt’s.

  • Chinese New year:

    If you are in China in February, you can see how Chinese celebrate New Year. It is colourful and joyful. Make sure you give the traditional fruit basket as a gift!

  • Valentine’s Day:

    Well, we all know about it. We all must have not only celebrated Valentine’s Day but the whole week. If in case you and your partner in crime are not in the same city, make sure you plan your Gift delivery way in advance.

  • Women's day:

    The importance of women cannot be put in words. Gift the many women in your life chocolates and fruit baskets! The date is March 8th 

  • Mother’s Day:

    26th March, book your tickets, go to your mother, hug her and cry tears of joy. For what you know she has gone through a lot in bringing you up. Take her favourite flowers! She would be proud.

  • Easter:

    Another global event which is celebrated in the month of April is Easter. If you can’t get chocolates in the form of eggs, make sure you order Ferrero Rocher and a couple of M&M’s, at least, for your loved ones.

  • Father’s Day:

    How many times have you told your Dad that you love him? Exactly. That’s why this day is celebrated. Remember, he was your childhood superhero! Gift him a card and flowers (and not cigars or whiskey) and he will be happy! The date is 18th June!

  • Brazil valentines:

    If you missed the Feb 14th Valentines, you can always celebrate love when Brazil celebrates it in June with the same red roses and chocolates!

  • Eid al-Fitr:

    This Muslim festival comes in the month of June, generally. It marks the end of one month fasting in Ramadan by all the Muslims in the world. You can order amazing assorted dry fruits which can be a snacking option on the day!

  • Rakhi:

    In India, Rakhi is a festival which celebrates the beautiful brother sister bond. It generally falls in the month of August. You can look for Gift delivery options of amazing Ladoo’s to your sister or brother!

  • Grandparents day:

    Your grandparents are the coolest people alive! Make sure you celebrate their wonderful existence with amazing lilies. September first week, it is!

  • Rosh Hashnah:

    It literally translates to “Beginning of the year”. Rosh Hashnah is Jewish New Year celebrated in the month of September. Do send flower or cookies to your loved ones!

  • Diwali:

    Diwali is celebrated mostly in India and a couple of other South Asian countries. Diwali comes around October month. People generally celebrate the festival of lights with crackers, sweets and family. If you have your family in India and you are not, make sure you check for Gift delivery of delicious Kaju Katli or Ladoo. This will make your family happy.

  • Thanksgiving:

    The famous thanksgiving is celebrated in many contries in the months of August, October and November in various countries. Make sure you put sweet notes with chocolates for people you are celebrating thanksgiving.

  • Black Friday:

    This is the next day after Thanksgiving where in countries like US, all the retail stores give heavy discounts on products. You can buy some chocolates and soft toys for you loved ones!

  • Cyber Monday:

    This is the next Monday after Thanksgiving where all the internet companies go on heavy discounts on various products. So, if you want to orders a bunch of gifts online, this is your window of opportunity.

  • Boss's day:

    Observed in October around 16th October, this is a day which very less people will appreciate. If you have a good boss, you are lucky. Do not forget to send him a thank you note.

  • Halloween:

    Well, we all are aware of the spooky festival which is observed on 31st October in many countries. Make sure your bunch of flowers or sweets don’t add to the spookiness.

  • Hanukkah:

    We all remember Ross educating his son about Hanukkah. It is sometimes referred as Jewish Christmas by mistake. You can choose from a lot of stuff. From chocolates to cookies, any gift is a perfect gift for Hanukkah!

  • Christmas:

    Christmas is celebrated across the world on 25th December. Make sure you plan your gift well before Christmas. Make sure you check the Gift delivery websites which can deliver your gift on Christmas! Go for an assorted mix of chocolates.

  • Christmas:

    Christmas is celebrated across the world on 25th December. Make sure you plan your gift well before Christmas. Make sure you check the Gift delivery websites which can deliver your gift on Christmas! Go for an assorted mix of chocolates.

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