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5 Best Gift Ideas For Your Chinese Employees

Gift Ideas For Your Chinese Employees

With Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year around the corner, it is a perfect opportunity for family, friends and co-workers to express their affection and gratitude for their Chinese colleagues and friends. Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in China, and giving and receiving gifts during this festival is a Chinese tradition that strengthens interpersonal ties. But, don’t worry! Here are some amazing New Year gift ideas that your Chinese colleagues or friends will love. The following gift ideas will help you pick the perfect present:

Popular Chinese New Year gift ideas

  • Gift Baskets
  • Gift baskets are the most popular gifts given by corporate organisations. The gift baskets can be of different types, and each can be unique in the presents that it contains. Some examples are chocolate baskets, fruit gift baskets, gourmet gift baskets and even spa gift baskets containing bath and body lotions. Each type of basket is quite varied in itself, and any combination can be made out of these options. For example, you can gift fruits with cookies and chocolate or a fruits and flowers gift baskets.

    This way, you can customise a gift basket according to your budget. It will definitely impress your Chinese employees and clients. Many ecommerce sites are offering gift basket delivery services on the same day or even last minute. You can explore the wide variety of options available on their sites and choose the perfect gift basket to give to your Chinese colleagues.

  • Chinese Tea and Tea set
  • As in India, tea is enjoyed by a majority of Chinese people as well. Traditionally considered a health drink, tea has a great cultural significance in China. Therefore, it can be a great gift for your Chinese employees on any occasion. Just keep in mind to give high-quality tea leaves nicely packed instead of teabags.

    The best Chinese teas for gifting are Longjing Green tea, Chrysanthemum tea and Dahongpao black tea. They can be easily bought from Amazon at reasonable prices.

    Since tea holds an important place in the Chinese lifestyle, so does a tea set. It is both aesthetically appealing and functionally useful. There are many types of tea sets available on ecommerce sites that also offer same day gift delivery. The Lyty Chinese teapot cup set with tray infuser, Ebros Chinese calligraphy red glaze porcelain teapot with cups set and Vintage Chinese style porcelain Kung Fu tea set are some fine examples. These will make your Chinese colleagues amazingly surprised at your excellent choice of gifts.

  • Gift cards
  • Who doesn’t like a gift card? No matter which culture or nationality you belong to, a gift card definitely makes you happy. Many businesses or organisations offer gift cards to their employees on many different occasions.

    A gift card is a perfect choice to give on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. They also give flexibility to the colleagues to use the card as they wish to, and it can be used at different locations where it is accepted.

    Plants and cacti

    Plants are a popular form of gift in Chinese culture. They are not only good for the environment but also enhance aesthetic beauty. If you are serious about gifting plants to your Chinese friends, the best choice is to give succulents and cacti since they are easy to take care of and live longer than other plants.

    Auspicious tree decoration

    Chinese New Year 2022 brings with it a lot of festivities and happiness. During this time of the year, the whole place lights up, and people decorate their houses to welcome the New Year. An auspicious lucky tree or wishing tree can add to the festive atmosphere and liven up your place. These trees are available in medium and large sizes and include lucky crystals and auspicious pearls. They are available in various innovative designs showcasing Chinese craftsmanship.

      Chinese Gifting Etiquette

      You should be aware of the traditional Chinese gifting customs before purchasing a gift. Some key things to keep in mind:

      • Avoid overly cheap or expensive gifts. A gift should be picked according to the recipient’s economic status. Thus, it is better to play safe and give something which is neither too cheap nor too expensive.
      • Colour symbolism is important in Chinese culture. Avoid black or white and prefer red, yellow and blue coloured wrapping paper.
      • Avoid certain gifts like clocks, umbrellas, scissors, knives and shoes.
      • Finally, remember to always give and accept gifts using both hands

      If you belong to a multicultural workspace, this is the best time to make your Chinese employees or colleagues feel welcomed and a part of a team where their presence is much appreciated. This will make them feel at home even in a different cultural setting. However, giving the best Chinese New Year Gift can be a bit challenging if you are new to Chinese culture.

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