5 Singapore Day Gift Ideas for An Extra Special Touch
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Every year on the 9th of August, Singapore roars to life to celebrate its historic national day, reminiscing its flamboyant rise to independence and beyond. And as you commemorate this special day, do not forget to share all the joy and excitement of the day with your near and dear. After all, the more the merrier.
Though we completely understand that this year might be different than the rest, thanks to the Coronavirus, but you can surely involve others in the festivity while maintaining social distancing. The best way to do that – sharing gifts!
In this guide, GiftsnIdeas presents you five gift ideas for Singapore Day that will surely make this special day even more special for you as well as your loved ones.
For those who don’t know what happened on Singapore Day, fret not. We’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this revel of liberation, along with some amazing gift ideas for your nearest and dearest.

What Happened on Singapore Day?

On the 9th of August 1965, Singapore achieved its independence despite being amid severe doubt that this nation could survive at all, especially due to its small size and the lack of natural resources.
Still, despite all odds, the island not only survived. Not just that, but it also succeeded unimaginably, deftly steering its way through tempestuous waters of international politics, local turmoil, and regional discord.
The country skillfully used every single advantage at its disposal and emerged in the world as a major global player, commercial hub, and financial center. To commemorate this tiny nation’s massive victory, Singapore Day is observed every year on the 9th of August.
Now that you know what this day is about and why it's celebrated, let us look at some gift ideas for Singapore Day.

5 Singapore Day Gift Ideas for Dear One’s :

Below we have outlined some of the best and most appropriate gift ideas for Singapore Day:


Although you do not need a special occasion to give somebody flowers, after all, they are timeless. But that is exactly what makes them a perfect gift for Singapore Day. Get a customized bouquet in the colors of the Singapore flag for your friends and family to keep the patriotic spirits high on the historic day.
If you would not be in Singapore on a national day, don’t worry. GiftsnIdeas allows you to easily schedule an international gift delivery to a loved one’s doorstep living there. Anybody would love waking up to a bunch of fresh, pretty flowers and it would indeed make this special day even more special for them. You can even throw in a small note with the bouquet and make them feel extra special even from miles away.

Cakes :

Even if you are far away from your dear ones this Singapore Day, don’t fret. You can send them a freshly baked cake to their doorstep and cut it together on a video call. This way you guys will be together, at least virtually!

Snack Bucket :

You probably won’t be allowed to leave home this Singapore Day or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable doing so in such ambiguous times. And believe us, you are not alone. There are many people who’re trying to avoid large public gatherings amid all that has been happening over the past two years.
But there is something you all can do to ensure you don’t miss out on the festivities of this historic day – grab a chair, head to your roof/terrace, and enjoy the mesmerizing fireworks from the comfort of your home while enjoying addictive snacks.
Now, you can easily deliver snack buckets, including assortments of delightful munchies and snacks, to somebody who’s feeling the blues of missed festivities.

Spa Gift Basket :

This Singapore Day, pamper a friend, partner, or family member with a nourishing body care range that will certainly rejuvenate and energize their mind, body, and soul. GiftsnIdeas offers well-thought spa packages, including scented candles, numerous luxurious essential oils, face masks, body creams, body scrubs, and more.
If you have any other Singapore Day day gift ideas in mind, feel free to share them with us. We’ll surely find a way to help – even if it's last minute! Moreover, we take great pride in delivering your sentiments across the world and also offer same-day deliveries! So, reach out today and place your order because it is never too late.

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