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Interesting Gift Ideas for October Birthdays

Birthday Gifts

A birthday is a special occasion for the person celebrating the birthday as well as for his/her near and dear ones. Now, each month of the year has special significance, especially when it comes to gifting ideas. So, while you are picking a birthday gift, you can consider the month’s significance to make it all the more unique.

For instance, October has two birth stones affiliated with it and both of them can be added in a piece of jewellery to make for a great birthday gift for those born in October. Here are some other interesting gift ideas for October birthdays.

Birth Stone Gifts

Since there are two birth stones for the month of October, your range of choices widens when it comes to jewellery. Opal and Tourmaline are the birth stones for October. While any piece of jewellery makes for an apt gift, one with the birth stone make it extra special.

Opal is a popular choice as it is available in different hues. Add it to a ring, locket or even earrings as a gift and it is sure to impress the recipient.

Just like opal, tourmaline can also be added to different categories of jewellery. Tourmaline is available in different colours. Known as a receptive stone, this stone promotes healing and calmness, and choosing this stone shows your concern for the person celebrating their birthday.

If the person celebrating their birthday in October is not a fan of jewellery, you can incorporate the stone into other articles also, like small boxes or just gift the stone itself.

Floral Gifts

A beautiful arrangement of flowers can surely delight anyone, especially on their birthdays. Did you know that just like birth stones, specific birth flowers are associated with each month? Calendula is the birth flower for the month of October. Also known as pot marigold, calendulas look stunning in a big bouquet. They also go well with other fall flowers and can be used in mixed arrangements.

You can just gift this bouquet or send it with a cake and other gifts as well, to convey the feeling of protection that calendulas symbolize. A fun fact about calendulas is that these are edible and make a good choice for even decorating the birthday cake.

Fruit Basket Gifts

You can always opt for gift options like fruit baskets. The fruit basket is an ideal treat, especially for those who are particular about eating healthy. Be sure to add some of the seasonal treats available in the basket. You can even add fruits handpicked straight from an orchard to show the efforts you have put in it. This gift can be sent on its own or clubbed with flowers as well. You can also opt for a cake in the shape of the birth flowers.

The best gifts are the ones that are well thought of, as it shows the recipient how much you care. Each of the gifts above is special in its own way. So, go ahead and choose the one that you think will delight the birthday girl or boy the most!

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