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Friendship Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” – This is possibly one of the first lessons of life, and we all have grown up with friends laughing, crying, fighting, but above all, sticking with them through thick and thin! Young or old, friends form a support system that understand and accept us the way we have become and roots for us in every endeavour.

Timeless memories of good times spent with friends are a concoction of happy moments that help us sail through the rough times, even today. Such friends are worthy of a celebration through life. While each day with them is special in its own way, Friendship Day is an ideal occasion to let them know how much they are loved and needed.

Near or far, there are options galore to make sure that you whip up a surprise for your friends through gifts delivery services to bring a special smile on their faces. The best way to celebrate this special day is to organize a Friendship Day party with a host of old and new friends, undoubtedly. However, in a day and age of digital freedom and barrier-less economies, a lot of them are spread across the globe. Meeting them in a jiffy’s notice doesn’t always present a good opportunity.

But getting your thoughts closer to them through digital mediums are the possibilities one must explore today. Here are some Friendship Day gift ideas that will help you plan the perfect surprise for your friends:

  1. Personalized Coffee Mugs – Most of us would have spent countless hours chatting, sharing or gossiping over cups of tea or coffee. An adorable gift therefore, to remind your friend of you every morning! Personalise it with a funky quote or a picture of the two of you together.
  2. R.I.E.N.D.S DVD – To the Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Joey of your lives, this is a gift that is bound to bring wide smiles and happy tears because you bonded with them over the series at some point in time.
  3. Handmade DIY Card -Special messages scribbled on bits of decorative paper counting special memories from the past and secrets, and neatly pasted on a colourful sheet, is a thoughtful way of reaching out to friends and letting them know how special they are!
  4. Gift Baskets – A quick and last-minute option that will never run out of trend is a gift basket full of assorted cookies, gourmet chocolates and other items of your friend’s choice like nuts, raisins, chips and cheese. You can send gifts online now and so sending across a lavish gift basket on Friendship Day will be no trouble at all.
  5. Personalized Photo calendar – Ever thought of enjoying the cringe on your friends faces and get away with that evil smile? Well, how about creating a photo calendar with those quirky snaps from the past that’ll bring them back to you like old times? According to us, it’s an ideal choice!

Whatever be the gift idea, let it be exclusive for your friends this Friendship Day! So, get creative, get quirky and funny at the same time to create the perfect surprise for those who are the reasons behind your smiles.

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